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Ken "The Original Nipple" Sliwinski is baaaaack! Ken found us while doing his own self gratifying Google Search...for his own name...still humble still as subtle as ever... When he saw his own name on "Nipple Google Star Search"....He quickly followed the path into the alley of White Mud's own depraved ratbucket of cyber horseshit...Famous all over again within his original family of misfits, and rock star cretins...Ken is home at last and ready to join his brothers in the madness of Mud which will occur in October 2005 as far as we know...


Here is Kenneth, trying to find the frequency...with December's Children in what...1967?

Ken, we hope you have that suit for the October show...We need an Emcee....And Robin Seymore is dead...can ya stand in?

More on Ken who is living in New Port Richey Fla.....he owns a home in the hurricane zones, and is kicking ass on everything he touches...he is into a rigorous exercise regimen of bike riding, surfing, fucking the next door neighbor...when her husband is not home...etc...Still quite a guy!

Ken declares himself to be a badassed bass player as well as guitar player these days, so he will probably have to play a Fallopian Tube or something to fit in with the ineptness of the rest of the band...

Meanwhile, welcome back to the World, Ken....White Mud lives on....and you are key # 7 in the link of  the essential players in the chain of life....

New Pics of Martin Preece Alive and well! (more below)

Martin 2001 on a MBTA bus Martin 2001 at the Arbor Inn, North Weymouth, Ma. Martin 1965 -  Very Mod! Martin 1992 - drinking champagne from a shoe after the Jammy Awards Martin with panties on his head Martin 1975 - Wedding photo

New Additions to the Gallery....(more below too):

Hank in a tux (nice threads!) - 1974 Nathan Clay (Doug Lunceford) back in the White Mud days Hank "the Chief" and Goofy - 1971? Hnak and Debbie at Christmas - 197? Hank and Debbie all dressed up - now days??Hank and Rick - 1973 - What are you guys doing?

Here it is Boys and girls... The complete gallery of White Mud Photos as I have captured so far...If you have additional photos of anything pertaining to White Mud, especially photos from the Crows Nest East, please send them to me Doctor Hormone at: maxsecinc@hotmail.com. I will of course publish them in time...

Click on the thumbnails as usual to see an enlarged  view of the pics... If you don't know who they are...hover over the pic for the answer!

Vondy's Lady Alison on the slopes Aurelio Rodriquez 1970 Balloon and his Silvertone 1966 Balloon and Hormone 1972 Baloon and Hormone 1966 - Chris did look like a waterballoon!    

Hormone 1969-70 - Don't do drugs! Every Pig and His Brother - 1967-70 Rodriguez 1969-70 - Geronimo at 17 years old Dr Hormone's cosmic piano Gregmone, Spic and Festeris - 1990 reunion Skidway

Hormone 1967-68 1984 High Reunion - Spic, Balloon, and Hormone Hormone and Rocket Bonep Zontini 1975 Aurelio Rodriguez 1965 school photo Jerry's musician card 1968 Hank drives an airboat

Hormone 1967 - Just starting to grow my hair Kris, Jimmy, Tom, and Hormone at Vondy's wake Kris Perowich 1972 - Space Dog Nigel Richie and Hormone on the paddleboat - 1971-72 Rocket Zontini ex nohavi silencer - 1974 Rodriquez, Vondy, and I - Jan. 1969

Roger Elliot our bassman - 1965 Still tryin to figure out how to set these things up! - 1965 The original Survivor - 1970 Hormone's drums - 1965 Walt Galkowski's photo spread Tish Album Cover

Tom Cucuru and Hormone at Vondy's wake Diorio/Festeris in latter days with Lori and Sanford Vondy 14 in 1969- 70 Martin in 1955 Vondy finds a leach costume in Miami - 1971

Vondy's 1970 drop out yearbook picture Vondy in a somber mood - the Verly Man - What the Fuck is dat? Vondy lounging at Euclid - Celebrating sumpin' in 1970? Vondy at a late party - 1977 Martin as his Alter Ego, Coach Goofy - 1999

Vondy still cookin' 1971-72 Vondy, the Leach, Richie, & Janeen Vondy's Good Bye Epitaph - November 14, 1999 Vondy's wake - November 19, 1999Martin school photo - 1960ish

Who dat! Jerry "the Spic" some years later Young Bucaroos - Vondy and Hormone - Bootlegged photo - 2001 17 Reasons Why - Vondy's last band Martin was a Cub Scout? - Clean?  Thrifty?  Brave? Hank get's pinched by the MilitaryPolice

Hormone and Batanicle reunited with beer and pizza Lisa & Walt Old Mudders never die.... Tommy Funk and Sandy Hank at the Magic Castle - 1976

The Garden Princess, the haunting, obscure one of my dreams...Angie

The Garden Princess, the haunting obscure one of my dreams...Angie