Welcome to Stinky's Trophy Room    Stinky - Amazing Killer Trophy 2002

Stinky has been busy in the last few weeks. It may have been simply a competitive issue between her and Cody both having featured gallery pages on this site...But I don't know...I don't try to understand these animals anymore.  Hey, we all have to have a hobby right?

By now, many of you are wondering...why does this guy spend soooo much time shooting pic's of dead lizards, dead rats, bugers, toenails, is he doing time in prison? Where does he find the time and most of all, Fucking why does he pursue such a gruesome project???...

Because I can!

Here is some of Stinky's more recent work....  Click any photo to see the detail of the corpse! (hey I said click the photo you dumball! The Photo! Not this text!...THE PHOTO!...THE PHOTO!!!!)

Dead Rat photo 1 Dead Rat photo 2 Dead Rat photo 3

August 30, 2002, approximately 11:00am I awoke early to find this fine specimin of a Florida Brown Field Mouse, with no apparent lacerations or punctures. Stinky likely just batted the little fellow around all night until he finally died of exhaustion. He was a brave soldier! He died honorably...I think.

Dead Rat photo 4 Dead Rat photo 5 Dead Rat photo 6

August 31, 2002, around 9:30am. I was up exceptionally early this morning and discovered this big gray rat on the floor of the dining area. This Big Beauty was about 1/3 the size of Stinky herself! NO FEAR MAN!...NO FEAR! My guess is that this big guy weighed in at 1 pound. Sorry I don't do metric...How many grams is that?

Dead Rat photo 7 Dead Rat photo 8 Dead Rat photo 9 Dead Rat photo 11

September 03, 2002, time of death unknown...Another Big Gray...A male! ( I checked) He met death at the hands of the by now, famous savage killer "Stinky the Magnificient!" as we call her on these occasions. Lately, I have noticed the other two house pets, Patches (The Fat Boy Cat) and Cody giving her a very wide berth...She even commands 1st seating at the food trough, If she so chooses. I wonder what the word is, out in the garden.

 Killer Sleeping

Stinky, resting after a busy Labor Day weekend. Nice work Stinky, sit!...Sit! Ugly little Predator Bitch!