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And Now... a Public Service Announcement from Your Government...

This child is 52 years old today. He might have grown up as a normal healthy child in the suburbs of Detroit Michigan,  but as fate would have it, he is suffering from a terrible midlife crisis and desperately needs your help! Actually  nobody had a chance at growing up normal in Detroit in the 60-70's. Man, we were lucky to grow up at all! 

 Won't You Help Poor Gregory Today? Please help Little Gregory

Male menopause is not a pretty sight. For just a few lousy bucks, the amount of money you usually selfishly spend feeding your fat face at McDonalds each day, Gregory could get some serious help. 

Little Gregory was not born homeless. He wasn't that lucky. No, he had 2 middle class parents who spent their entire adult lives together feeding and clothing their children and teaching them middle class values, how to cheat at their taxes, how to pretend to be praying in church when they were actually sleeping, how to change the TV channels before there was a remote...

Now Little Gregory suffers through his adult life, struggling to pay for his own middle class home, and stuff, cheating at his taxes the best he can, but the homeless are winning ground with all the entitlement programs the government keeps developing for the poor, he can hardly cheat enough to pay his own way!

Soon he will have to learn to cheat Medicare and Social Security...skills he has yet to learn! Wont you help him today?

Help Little Gregory collect the fragments of his past by signing his guest book and check out his links, or emailing him with any pertinent data that will guide him through his life's episode. 

Aw Cmon! will ya? Ok...Ok fine...just look at the damn thing. It took me months to put this sucker together!





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Do you have any links to the past that I may have missed? Are you in possession of any vital information on former White Mud Members that you can share without violating the witness protection act? Any thoughts on how to get Cody back on artistic track?...Any pictures of your wife naked?...

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