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Pisses Me Off...

Vioxx the Killer Medicine and the Killers Who Made It…

My darling wife has had to deal with diabetes as far back as she can remember...she was 17 years old when she found out she had this disease. She doesn’t need your money or prayers, unless your prayers are sincere.

Just your support for her efforts at being a superb human being are enough for now. She gets up early (5:00am) every morning without fail and goes to work, and is just now feeling the real adverse effects of this debilitating disease. She has been tough for many years, but now her secular job has been threatened because of her loss of work time...this is because she has missed work being sick due to what we believe to be the result of using Merck Medco’s Vioxx.

She has toughed it out going to work everyday, without complaint and she has never skipped work due to her condition. She has gone to work several hours early everyday so she could attend to her doctor appointments without cutting short, her workday.

Almost two years ago, her doctors prescribed Vioxx as remedy to one of her symptoms. She is now suffering from serious side effects, which we believe are caused from that poison! And caused her to spend considerable time in the hospital this year that could have been avoided if she was not prescribed this poison!

Her job is now threatened because of these side effects, which we believe were caused by that prescription. She has had an ulcer, kidney complications, and a stroke most recently. We just ask that you read up on this poison and advise any of your friends that they should be aware of the serious ramifications that this prescription may cause. Vioxx is a killer, and Merck, the makers of this poison should be jailed at least! I believe it to be second degree murder since they knew it was a killer prescription! As early as 2002 they knew this toxic crap could lead to complications that could eventually kill people! All for the love of money!

Eugenia is a beautiful person...and entitled to a much better life than modern medicine has offered her, so far. I for one am at war with the Greedy Fucking Pharmaceutical Monsters that have cost her years from her life, by peddling the poison they sell. Evidence has indicated that Vioxx would make a healthy person sick, nonetheless a person in her condition. Her doctors had no business prescribing this Vioxx to her or anyone else.

These Monsters of the Pharmaceutical Industry at Merck Industries lied and led the world to believe that it would be safe for her to use. Her own Idiot-Misinformed Doctors followed that ill-advised information and prescribed her to use it until she had a massive kidney infection this year! Then later, an ulcer, and finally just this month (October 2004) a stroke! 

Her idiot doctors are next in line for my massive lawsuit. Can they not read the JAMA reviews that indicated that this poison would kill people like my wife? We will see in court!

I would like to see the entire Pharmaceutical industry come under the "Knife” themselves! These people are all “gangsters” and should be jailed for their lies and put in deep and dark cells, for the rest of their lives!

Merck Medco knowingly, peddled their poison to sick people who trusted their "Fake" medicine. "Snake Medicine" to help them when in fact, they knew they were killing people! The truth is just coming out…The media is filled with reports and articles detailing the gross negligence of the Pharmacy Industry, there is a book called “America Overdosed, The Broken Promises of American Medicine.” By Doctor Abramson.

Merck Medco is the enemy of all humanity! The officers of the company should be jailed. They lied about their Vioxx and are now getting caught! They (the administrators) should get at least life in jail for 2nd degree murder.

Killer = Raymond V. Gilmartin Click here to see the enemies! http://www.merck.com/about/corporategovernance/board_members.html   Raymond V. Gilmartin, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Merck & Co., Inc. since 1994. Director, General Mills, Inc. and Microsoft Corporation. Chairman, International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations. Merck Director since 1994.
Executive Speeches
  (Webmaster's note > these scum suckers have taken this page down to hide their misdeeds) Click here to read the blatant obnoxious lies these thieves have put out as a litany of their horse shit mission statement. It all boils down to the truth, which is that they peddled a drug which they knowingly sold that killed people, and made people sick!  

Meanwhile, people like my beautiful wife are sick because of of their greed to sell their poison! Fuck these mutherfuckers!  They should be jailed and stripped of their illegal fortunes in the Mafia medicine practice they engage in!

Trust me! Modern medicine isn’t that modern!The next counter-terrorist attack we engage in should be against the Pharmacy Industry! They are killing us!

I am furious... and mean to have their souls nailed to my garage door! Pass this on to who ever you care to.