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Justin and Brie

Actually, it was a matter on time before I would eventually give in and put my kids on the web page, Oh sure I told em to get their own damn web site, but oooooh nooooo...they just had to be more talented than me and become musicians writing their own stuff!

So now without further delay....

Justin G.


Justin at the keyboards The Kid. Justin G. is presently living  in California with beautiful Damie. Justin is working in a computer web project, and exploring production options for his music on the Left Coast. 

Justin's art work on the canvas is as good or better than some of his music but his heart is in the music.

 Coming soon...audio file clips of some of The Kid's work.

             Meanwhile...click the pics.

Justin and Dad in France working on Constellation 2002   Justin hard at work!

Justin and his tongue JeanPenn ?? 2

Real men at work in St Naziarre, France Justin at his console The Machete Poster

Justin and George Justin and the finished product Help im being leeched!

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 Brie Rose

This doesn't happen everyday!  Brie and Dad

Alas, sweet Brie Rose, my little girl has grown up overnight. She now lives in Jupiter Fl. with her man Robert.

Keebler and Aubrie pay the rent with her working as a manager at Ann Taylor Women's Fashion Store in Jupiter, and Rob as Construction Manager for Big Mo, but her real heart is in her creative talents. She is a songwriter and performer  as well as a short story writer and artist. 

Brie has written over 100 songs and performed them in many clubs and shows in Miami including Tobacco Road, The Wallflower, Power Studios  and Lincoln Road Mall Street concerts.

Coming soon...audio clips of her work ...meanwhile click the pics!

            A real beauty - Brie


Ode to a good dad The sweet hug 

Good shot of Rob and Brie Brie does the spoon trick at Normans Brie & Mom Brie and Rob Brie Rose at Tobacco Road poster


Brie on stage Brie on stage 2 Tough girl Brie Keebler, Justin and Brie