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Doctor Greg Hormone's Music Page...

White Mud Reunion June 10-14 2004 Review is at the center of this page!


Would a web site from such a talented guy as myself be complete without considering The Concept of Music?...No, I doan't think soooa!

Howdy, I'm Doctor Greg Hormone. I have been in the music business since 3rd grade! My true career started with some local boys in Detroit playing in garage bands as outlined on the White Mud page of this website. After the boys would leave practice at the end of the day,  I, Dr. Hormone would cut loose on all the equipment and turn on the sound on sound recorder. It's been awhile, but now more than 30 years later, I have come out with several new hot CD's. 

These downloads may take a while if you don't have High Speed internet service...so go get a beer, wax your car, paint your house, but be patient...the songs are worth the wait!

Made in Detroit CD Cover"Made In Detroit" by Doctor Greg Hormone 2002

Click here for a sneak preview of "Butthogs" from Made In Detroit!

Available Now! Order your copy via this website!



More Moans From Hormone CD Cover "More Moans From Hormone" by Doctor Greg Hormone 2002   

Click here for a sneak preview of " Snot My Problem" from More Moans From Hormone!

Available Now! Order your copy via this website!



In Hormony Wit Da Universe CD Cover"In Hormony With The Universe" by Doctor Greg Hormone 2002

Click here for a sneak preview of " In Hormony Wit Da Universe" from In Hormony With The Universe! 

 Available for sale now! via this website!



Available Now June 2004 ...my newest CD "Showtime" A compilation of Greatest Hits as well as some new crap...

"Showtime" by Doctor Greg Hormone 2004
click here for a sneak preview of "The Birthday Story" from Showtime...my latest crap...  

 Available for sale now! Via this website!

Showtime CD Cover


Young Guns CD CoverAlso Coming Soon, a compilation of covers from long ago featuring my good friend Bob MacCormac. Mac and I hooked up to start playing music together several months ago, and the friendship and music playing has taken us both back to a place in our lives that was a gas!  We are recording stuff together, along with several other solid local musicians.


 The Latest Breaking news on the "Long Lost White Mud Tape!"  As of October 26 2004:

Does the Madness Ever Stop?

Martin Preece is now managing our new White Mud Blues Band web site! 

Martin has come back to us! What a guy! He is now hiding out in a secret bunker deep in the salt caverns of Mt. Clemens where he is working like a madman on plans for White Mud Blues Band. His pet panther Sheila, guards his bunker and all of the electronic files on his massive computer system where he is building our web notoriety and helping to develop plans for our 2005 Reunion Show! 

You have to stop in to see our new White Mud site! White Mud Blues Band  you must also stop in to our new message group board site if you are a white mud alumni and have been invited to join the board! (special requests will be considered for membership if you qualify) make your request with martin@whitemud.us  Visit our new web blog for a day to day update on our activity! White Mud Blues Band Blog

Like always with White Mud, there is so much happening at one time, I can only suggest that you visit our site and consider joining our board to check out the plans for our 2005 reunion!  

Eventually we will move all of the White Mud activity to the new site at White Mud Blues Band  so bookmark the new site because all of the stories and the new events will be archived at that site! 

White Mud Blues Band is like a storm brewing...we will hurt you again as we did in 1969! and we are planning it! Prepare for the storm by getting your hurricane plans now at White Mud Blues Band . No shit Sherlock, White Mud is coming to Detroit in 2005 and we will be in full force!  Hey! White Mud needs your vote!  Vote for us at unitedbands.com!!!


Breaking News! Jerry (The Spic) Rodriguez has a tape!

Jerry called me  from Toronto after seeing his ex- and she gave him a present! An 8 track tape of White Mud playing a show, at  Lake Shore High School in 1968-69 of a mock opera we did called "Seymore Robinson!"

No one has heard it yet, Im sure its as horrible as anything we ever did, but if we are successful at burning it down from 8 track (anyone have one of those these days?) we will put it down on the web as well as have it for you on CD! Stay tuned! By the way he is still on track to recover the Long Lost Tape of WMBB at the Crows Nest East!  Happy Anniversary White Mud!  July 18 1969 was the night  we burned the barn!

White Mud Reunion Review of June 10-14 2004: Well Kids Here's How it Went Down...

Thursday, June 10 2004 8:00pm:  DKT/MC5 played at Majestic Theatre on Woodward Ave. Detroit Michigan. White Mud was there! Brothers Wayne, Dennis and Michael were awesome as we expected, but they were even better than I could imagine...after 30 some years these boys just kicked Detroit's ass! They were joined by Marshall Crenshaw and Evan Dando who filled in the void left by Fred Sonic Smith and Rob Tyner honorably! The energy in the Majestic Theatre which was a Deja Vu of the old Eastowne Theatre was not so much the wild and frenzied energy this same audience generated in 1969 as much as it was more a reuniting of spirits of a time lost... The reconnecting of souls who had lost each other and found each other again. Sweet ! It was like stepping back into a time zone. 

Since Brother Wayne's been rocking for a while, check out some pics from when I saw him in LA in 2003.

Friday June 11 2004:  I, Doctor Hormone and my faithful companion and wife Eugenia embarked on a field trip of the Detroit area and scenic downtown Saint Clair Shores. Our second stop after brunch was the beautiful Shores Shopping Center, once home of the now Famous Crows Nest East. What happened next was a powerful sign that the forces of Rock and Roll were going to bless the entire trip! 

Hormone in Shores Center parking lotWe sauntered into the Fashion Bug at 31059 Harper, a ladies clothing store which now occupied the former space of the "Nest."  Although the storefront and interior facade of the building was now refashioned to look quite different than it did back in the day, there were still some structural components that gave clue that we were in fact in the right place! The  beams that support the roof were still in place and from them, I could visualize the location of the stages that once existed on either side of the room. I counted the beams in the center of the floor, and focused on the south wall where the stairway once was that led to the basement of the old Nest, and where there might still be some more dynamic evidence remaining of White Mud's notorious past. But there was no stairway. I was confused, disappointed that there wasn't more to see, more to find. I was about to leave and abandon this mission when a voice called out to me, Fashion Bug store where the Crow's Nest East once stood"Wait, Grashier...go back"

I did. I went back to the cashier counter and asked the manager if she had a basement. "Of course" she said. 

Then I asked, " Is there a wall filled with red hand prints down there?"

The manager gasped in astonishment and said " How did you know about that?!"

After about 20-30 minutes of explaining as much as I could about the history of White Mud and the Nest, I made a request to see the handprints and photograph them. The Manager obliged, remarking that they thought it was some kind of Voodoo thing. I told her it might just be, so don't ever paint over them! She then took me down an alternative stairway from the adjacent store they had connected to, since the original was now boarded up. 

These rare photo's are proof that 35 years later, White Mud is still an immortal legend of rock and roll in the little city of Saint Clair Shores! Heraldo Rivera didn't do as well as I did, finding the booty, when he went into Capone's vault! 

CNE stairs blocked in Crow's Nest old dressing room Grafitti shot peace sign on purple background Grafitti shot Sherlock Manning & White Mud Grafitti shot The Beatles FSPC Grafitti shot under stairway   

Saturday June 12 2004 Morning: I, Doctor Hormone inducted my cousin Gary into White Mud, and recruited him for a recon photo session with WMBB alumni Tony Festeris (Diorio) and Hank (The Chief) Sobah for some beer drinking and story telling... We later visited the famous White Mud Swimming hole...

Chief at Boatworks  Festeris at Boatworks  Gary at Boatworks  Hormone at Boatworks  White Mud meeting at Boatworks 1  The Old Swimming Hole 2  White Mud on the pier at Old Swimming Hole 1  White Mud on the pier at Old Swimming hole 2

Saturday June 12 2004 9:00pm: White Mud enjoyed an evening of drinking, bragging, story telling and playing music in a jam session scheduled at Murphy's Law Bar in Harrison Township on Jefferson, just north of Crocker Boulevard. White Mud t-shirts were required attire. The turnout was nothing less than spectacular! Murphy's Bar was filled with White Mud fans and old friends, including all of Doctor Hormones Detroit family and alumni and the music was executed in the traditional spirit of White Mud! In my humble opinion, I think it was White Mud's best noise yet! What a blast to the past! The house rocked and I never saw a more beautiful sight than the masses all dressed up so elegantly in their White Mud t-shirts!  

Chief, Grindstaff, and Hormone  Delores looking good in a WM tshirt  Den and Lynn in uniform  Don and John Benson with Hormone  Hormone and Kris 2  Jim, Gary, and Lori at Murphy's  John Benson and Alison  Kris Band 2

White Mud group shot 1  White Mud group shot 2  White Mud group shot 3  White Mud on the marquis do you believe it  

I also have some video clips of the music and other episodes which I am in the process of getting published to this web site...stay tuned!

Sunday June 13 2004: White Mud was not able to recover the Long Lost tape YET! But take heart fans, Chris made contact with WMBB and the pressure is not off of him yet! Maybe this show of force will be enough for him to realize that he is holding back the destiny of a great American Rock and Roll Band! Jerry (Spic) will be going up soon, and now that soooo many of you have had a taste of the power of "Mud" you can join in by calling Chris on a regular basis (he likes to be called in the middle of his own performances) to ask him if he has found the tape yet...

231-675-0025 Chris's cell # 

Monday June 14 2004:   White Mud just couldn't  call the show over without stopping by to see their old pal Gus ZoppiGus Zoppi Music Center 2 at Gus Zoppi Music Center, now located in Troy near 17 Mile and Dequinder. Gus would be thrilled to know that even though he has retired and left the store in the capable hands of his sister and new Manager Tom, we (White Mud) will still be stopping by from time to time to talk about ourselves for hours and borrow equipment just like in the old days! Tom (The Manager) had mentioned how he wants to put up a wall filled with old band photos from the great ones...MC5, Seger, Nugent, Iggy & Stooges, so of course I offered to send over a picture of White Mud autographed of course! Now how am I gonna do that? Hmmmmmmm.


White Mud at the Crow's Nest East


A special Thank You to everyone who came out to play and to see WMBB terrorize the hood! A very special Thank You to Lori and Gary for their hospitality, love and general tolerance of the entire weekend! To Al Foyt, Kris P, and company for organizing the evening at Murphy's and for sharing their instruments and the stage! To Don Benson, Ray Gunn, Mark Dingle, for daring to play in our company, and for a very special time! 

Regrets to WMBB Members who could not be there to enjoy your reunion! Jerry, Rudy, Walt, Nathan Young...You missed a great time! But there is already talk of a reunion again next year, maybe joining forces with the Frut of the Loom for their annual Frut Festival in Mount Clemens! Stay connected!

You can mail me for a disk of all of the pics from this weekend at maxsecinc@hotmail.com or greg@doctohormone.com for more info!

"The Pathetic Lost Tape Song" click the link to play!!!

- Doctor Hormone 


Hormone's drums...

Hey kids! Check out my drums! I got these from www.vintagedrumcenter.com  My new friend Ned at Vintage drums is a real super guy, and really knows his craft! He often writes articles for several drum magazines, and has a literal museum of some of the oldest and prettiest drums still alive! Check him out !

Ludwig Club Date close up toms bassLudwig Club Date full frontalLudwig Club Date full left side viewLudwig Club Date full right side view     

Click on the thumbnails above to see my beautiful (Vintage 1965 Ludwig Club Date) Drums!

 I have found...what I believe to be my ORIGINAL drum set from 1965!  These beauties were on Ebay! I happened across them while browsing and they screamed at me! Take us home! We are your original drums man! I checked the serial numbers and the exact color and sizes of the drums including the Supraphonic snare (chrome) They are my old drums! Even the badge on the kick drum was reversed. ( I am left handed and set them up funny, reversed the badge since I reversed the drum to put the tom rail on the opposite side! They are Classic Ludwig 1965 Gold Sparkle with a 16" floor tom, 13" small tom, 20" bass drum, and 14" Supraphonic snare! This is a small miracle! Now all I need is a pair of sticks!

Click on the thumbnails below to see my original drums. (Vintage 1966 Ludwig Classic)  back to taunt me into being the suck drummer I always thought I could be! Now I have 2 sets of Vintage Gold Sparkle Ludwig drums! Also included are some photos of Hormone Studios in Miami Florida.

Greg just loves those drums Greg's New Ludwig DrumsThe drum loft againDrum sets in loftDoctor Hormone's Studio 1Doctor Hormone's studio 2    

Doctor Hormone in his study