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Welcome to The Fecal Art Gallery, or Cody's Patio Shit Art

Click on the thumbnails to see an enlarged Fecal Photo...

X shit pic July 4th 1999, approximately 3:27pm. Cody drops a pile that resembles a letter "X" While the dynamics of this piece are lacking, it's clarity is undeniable. The dog was "x" pressing himself!

A shit pic July 10th 1999, sometime between midnight and 7:00am. Cody drops another pile that is clearly an English letter "A." Some thought this was a #4. The animal was in the heat of an artistic endeavor! Dare I hose off the patio? No way!

L shit pic August 1st 1999, around 9:27am. Cody delivers a perfect letter "L". I began to try to cipher the word or sentence that Cody was trying to create. X-A-L? L-A-X? It was too early! I simply waited patiently in the background, hoping that the summer rains wouldn't ruin weeks of hard work. He was really onto something!

Y shit pic August 20th 1999, exact time unknown ( I was watching a Falco video on MTV). Miraculously, the summer rains had been merciful and let Cody continue uninterrupted. In fact, the previous letters of his work were beginning to petrify and I wondered if in fact God had not intervened in the weathers natural process to allow this phenomena to continue! An absolutely perfect letter "Y" had been added to the piece! What did it mean? X-A-L-Y?

O shit pic September 2nd 1999, 2:00am. I personally watched Cody execute this beautiful letter "O" while he was barking at the thunder overhead! I feared the weather would distract him and damage the end result, but he managed to squeeze out a nearly perfect letter "O" I think the resemblance to a "D" was due to his efforts to straddle the other letters already in place in the piece.

M shit pic September 17th 1999, approximately 1:00am. (Cody did his best work in the wee hours of the morning) This incredible execution of a perfect capital "M" was perhaps his best work yet! But what the hell did it mean? I had no idea! Was it a code? Was it an anagram? Time would tell!

T shit pic October 1st 1999, at exactly 302:25am. I caught this one as it happened! It was still smoking as I shot the picture! It was in fact the last contribution to the piece, because after this dump, Cody resumed to writing in normal non-descript turds in the yard and virtually abandoned the work in progress! He never even stopped to look at it again!

He just quit! He went back to being a stupid little overgrown throw rug that demanded food, piddled worthless puddles on my patio, and barked at every car that rolled down the street. I went back to visualizing him as a trophy in the corner of the living room that I could kick as I came in the door each night, and the government grants that I dreamed of were lost among my fantasies somewhere between playing in a famous rock and roll band and having marathon sex with the prom queen of Lakeshore High School of 1970 (whoever that was.)

TMOYLAX! What the hell did that mean?! Nothing! This dirty rotten little crud ball whom I had fed and bathed all these years had taken me for a ride!

TMOYLAX???  shit pic - What's that spell?  What's that smell?

Had I perhaps spent too much time trying to make a living at the expense of a little four legged mutt that duped me into believing in miracles? Well, perhaps so...

I always liked the cats better anyhow...

tmoyl4x...tmoylax... whatever!...stupid fuckin' dog!

Almost, Hormone---