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Big News from the World of Wayne... in recent months Brother Wayne Kramer has been compelled to make moves to protect his legacy of his own music and history! Read his own words and his recent world tour of the remaining members of the original MC5 at or  or  it's a story worth reading!


Brother Wayne Kramer  is still rockin...I saw him in 2003 while out in L.A. He played a little pub called the Baked Potato out in Hollywood.

When he asked if I would mind taking a picture with him, I was only too happy to oblige, and in fact, I later autographed it for him. What a guy!

Wayne Kramer on Baked Potatoe marguee Wayne and Hormone: LA - 2003

Click on the thumbnails below for enlargements or for a mini performance....

Brother Wayne on stage in LA - 2003 Wayne's bass player: LA - 2003 Wayne on stage in LA 2003 Wayne Kramer in LA 2003 Wayne Kramer's band on stage in LA 2003