Monday, April 27, 2009

Doc Hormone Invests In A Pontiac Dealership!


With the economy failing left and right, one has to become shrewd about good investments. I have been following the tragic story about General Motors and the auto industry in general, and I found an opportunity to invest in a true American legend and possibly save the legacy of one of the greatest automobile to ever come out of the Motor City! With General Motors preparing to abandon the legacy of the Pontiac, and laying off 23,000 workers... I felt compelled to do my part and purchase one of the failing dealerships that will otherwise close as a result of the unfortunate turn in our economy!

It has been done before with other great manufacturers that were failing and bought out by shrewd investors such as myself...Harley Davidson, Indian Motorcycles, The Slinky Corporation, Play-Doh...These were great products, great companies...on the verge on non existance, that were rescued and revived.

Well, I have decided to seize the opportunity and buy a Pontiac Dealership! This is a unique dealership. The Pontiacs on my lot are not new, but I picked up the entire lot for a song!

Now, you too can be a proud owner of one of the legacies of the American automobile! Yes! You can be the proud owner of a pre-owned Pontiac. Choices are limited on these precious vintage cars that attest to the workmanship of Detroit!

There is no better time to say "Im an American from Detroit." and drive down the street in one of these fine machines!

This is the one I picked for myself to drive home. Fortuneately i only live a few blocks from the new dealership!

Neverthless, I will be proud to own this beauty. I had a new one just like it when they first came out, and I am confident that the maintenance on this one should not be much more than the new one I owned back in the day!

This dealership that I bought, has been around for some time, so many of the cars need a little attention but they can be picked up for a song! I bought the entire inventory for only a few dollars and I am going to pass the savings onto you!

I'M NOT KIDDING! Even if you are out of work, you can still afford one of these vintage beauties! Laid off of work? Present car reposessed as a result? No problem! Here at Hormone's Super Poncho Lot, we have easy credit terms even for the unemployed. In fact, if you are a former employee of GM and have been laid off as a result of the recent crisis, we will put you in a pre-owned car that you may have made yourself with no payments for the next 24 months.

Inventory is of course very limited, and with the rust and harsh environment, (global warming and acid rain and shit) these beauties wont last much longer!
Place an order today! Due to limited space on the lot, we have stacked many of the cars in our inventory, like books in a library! Each one of these fine automobiles has a story of its own and each one comes included with its own Legacy Certificate.

One day we will all look back at the demise of the production of this fine automobile and wish we had taken advantage of the opportunity to be a proud Pontiac owner. Dont let this once in a lifetime deal pass you by! Give us a call or better yet, stop by Doc Hormone's Super Poncho Dealership!

The Hudson, the Packard, the Studebaker are all gone...Plymouth is a distant memory...even the Oldsmobile is many of you have one? This is your chance of a lifeime to be a proud Poncho owner!