Thursday, March 06, 2008

White Mud Blues Band Plans a July 2008 Thingy!

Still healing from the wounds of White Muds last October 2007 show, Detroit is now preparing for another assault on humanity. Again?...Oh Nooooo!

In October 2007 White Mud Blues Band played two magnificient shows, and then another interum mini show in December 2007!

After the October Twin Township Tour, White Mud Blues Band was banned from one club and the second club closed down after thier shows. Two out of three aint baaaad!

It is the usual custom after most of their shows to either be banned or to have caused a shutdown so for White Mud, ...not a problem. We couldnt have it any other way! It just wouldnt be right!

Jagers Club has banned White Mud due to a personality clash between the management and the band. We are proud! Its Rock and Roll!

Murphy's appears to have closed down due to other issues with the liquor control commission, at least on a temporary basis...While White Mud would love to be responsible for this, it appears that it is not their victory to claim! But they were there, like the iceberg in the path of the Titanic! If they reopen we would love to try again!

Since the band has now connected with an even more powerful network of musicians, club options, and worthless local talents who are eager to join the fray and make our 2008 lineup even more exciting, White Mud is in the planning stage for a July 4th 2008 weekend celebration in the Detroit area once again!

This Show once again has a theme which runs deep in the blood of Mud... The Night The Crows Nest East was closed as White Mud burned the house down! It was July 18th 1969!

"The July 2008 / Night They Tore The Crows Nest Down" 39th Year Anneversary!"

It would be sweet if White Mud Blues Band could actually play in the parking lot of the Shores Shopping Center where the original Crows Nest East once stood so proud, but instead, White Mud has scouts out....looking for another club to play at....To relive those moments.

Details are sketchy as of now, but soon to be released for the July 2008 show. The band has indicated a very intense interest in re-living the highlights of that original show, with more of the original core band joining the festivities and revisiting many of their original hits:

Baby Mamma, Shu, Stuff Floatin Down The River, Aghghgh Aghghg, Umpa Dow Down, Curlers in her Hair, Baby Love and others....

To hear remakes of these hits go to :

In October you saw a revival of the bands energy when they played spontaneous unrehearsed music. They had not played together in 38 years and yet, the coordinated energy was as if it was July 1969....

Actually the original band never sounded as organized as they did in October 2007! It was for some of the original band members....almost a dissapointment....Sir Martin, leader of White Muds Rapid Response Team remarked...."Hell this isn't the real White Mud....we were never this good!"

So, for the July 2008 thingy, White Mud has resolved to practice and prepare even less, and hopes to sound much much worse, like they originally did.

"We apologize to the core of our fans (who generally only come out to see an actual arrest or two occur) for the more organized sound of the band in October 2007....This is not the true persona of Mud...we are at heart, a more earthy more" Remarked Walter Batanicle Galko....who sent a video of himself by proxy which will be included in part in the release of White Mud's 2007 Twin Township Tour Video...coming out soon.

Heres a trailer from the upcoming Video....


"Obviously planning and organizing, and years of each band member playing more conventional music with other, more conventional bands has done some surfactal damage to the core mission of White Mud Blues Band."

"The original mission is to rape and pillage all the principles of math and meter and tone...and impinge upon the art of melodical sound, a wakeup call. A call to let go of the traditional rules of music composition, defy gravity, and make people think and wonder....why they came to see us...even for free!...Why? Fucking why did I come out to see this?"

"This is the White Mud Blues band that we mean to be in 2008!" Said Doctor Greg Hormone, during an interview from his studio in Miami."

"Hopefully, with time and less preparation, we can again reach that goal and be horrible once again!" Hormone said in closing.

Stay tuned here for more info on the upcoming 2008 Reunion Plans for White Mud Blues Band!