Friday, June 01, 2007

Cody Is Still Creating Art at Age 101 (Dog Years)

The Vet told us some years back that Cody's aging process would be a trying time since cocker spaniel's do not age well. It's not been pretty folks but I must say that he is still a master when it comes to his "Patio Shit Art."

While the aging process has rendered him blind in one eye and hardly able to see out of the other, deaf in both ears and rapidly losing control of his bowels and bladder...(I feel like a zookeeper most days) He cant walk very well and doesnt even bark much anymore, but maaan he still has a talent for creative art out there on the deck!

Check out his latest work!

Cody and I have had some man to dog heartfelt chats about his passing and he has considered several rather theatric exits from this world. We discussed a few that I found interesting and chose to share with you below:

  • Leaping ( actually being tossed since his leaping days are well over) from the Bluewater Bridge on film for his MySpace website.
  • Falling on a hand grenade to save his brother and sister (the cats) Again in a film for his MySpace site
  • Staging a car accident where we sue the driver after we sling Cody out into the street into the oncoming speeding car, both teaching the driver a lesson for speeding in a residential area and making enough $$$ to open Cody's Art Gallery so the world can appreciate his work...even in Belgium where shit is not art but a way of life!
  • Just going out into the yard and dropping dead with flies all over his carcass and turkey vultures flying overhead

We also discussed the idea of having him mounted by a taxidermist friend of mine and made into an umbrella stand to be kept at the front door. Cody kind of liked the idea of staying here at the house after his demise, and being more useful than he has been these long 13 human years.

At any rate, Cody just wanted to share this latest work of art, tottally untouched by human hands, no alteration has occurred here! I mention this because in the past some folks have questioned the authenticity of his past work as if it may have been "Doctored" to appear as something other than the real thing...

Let me assure you, that in all of Cody's past work, the feces were presented without any fabrication or altering whatsoever! Cody is and will continue to be the most amazing canine shit artist that ever walked on four legs and barked!

I envision the day when artists such as Maplethorpe and others will laud him with praise as the true father of shit art!

So in honor of Codys work I proudly present you his latest vowel...

Kudos to Cody's Doodies!

This could make a great logo for say...Jordan Marsh dont ya think?

I only wish I could have filmed him in the art process but you know how tempermental an artist can be...they dont like the Paparazzi anymore than Brittany Spears does when shes shitting all over herself....

So I will just leave it to your own imaginations to picture Cody squatting in a most purposeful manner spelling out words that somehow bridge the communication between man and beast as he completes his career as The Piccasso of Dogdom...