Friday, August 25, 2006

More on The Buffalo Soldier...

Staff Sergeant Rashe Hall has been flown to a hospital in San Antonio Texas and emailed me last night to say that he is under good care. He is in good spirits and we hope to have better news very soon.

Here is a news clip from his former home town newspaper:

Ex-Venturan injured in Afghanistan

By John Scheibe,
August 24, 2006

Staff Sgt. Rashe Hall played football at Ventura College in 1999-2000 school year

A former Ventura College student was nearly killed on Monday when insurgents fired a rocket into his Humvee while he was on patrol with his Army unit in northern Afghanistan.
Rashe Ryan Hall, 25, was hit by shrapnel and was severely burned in the attack, said his mother, Janeen Gracer, from her home in Key West, Fla., on Wednesday.

A staff sergeant, Hall underwent surgery in Afghanistan before being flown to a burn center in San Antonio, Texas, on Wednesday, Gracer said.
"He told me that the rocket passed just inches from his face before exiting the vehicle and exploding," she said.

Gracer is the former wife of a popular Ventura College counselor, Ralph James. James helped raise Hall, Gracer's son from a previous marriage, from the age of 6.
James said he immediately called Army officials after being told that his adopted son had been injured in an attack.

"It was the hardest phone call I ever had to make."

James and Gracer plan to visit their son in San Antonio.

Hall played football for Ventura College during the 1999-2000 school year. He also was a student at Anacapa Middle School and Ventura High School, Gracer said.
Rather than have his mother hear of his injuries from Army officials, Hall phoned her first, letting her know they would be contacting her.

"He was pretty coherent on the phone," she said.

Hall enlisted in the Army in April 2001, just months before the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C.

"He told me he was joining because he wanted a challenge," she said.
Her son wasn't disappointed.

Hall really enjoyed military life, she said, so much that he recently re-enlisted.
Two other members of Hall's unit were also injured in the Aug. 21 attack, she said, including one whose foot was severed by the rocket.

Gracer said the members of her son's unit were very close. Based in Fort Bragg, N.C., the soldiers had served together in various parts of the world, including Honduras and Iraq, before being sent to Afghanistan.

While Iraq was difficult, Gracer said her son told her it wasn't nearly as hard as being in Afghanistan.

A second Humvee was accompanying Hall's vehicle on the patrol in a remote part of Afghanistan.

Gracer said the soldiers had to drive themselves back to their camp after the attack.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Buffalo Soldier Rashe Hall wounded in action...

War has suddenly hit home on a very personal level for my family.

Ventura County Star Article

My beautiful nephew, US Army Staff Sergeant Rashe' Hall has been seriously wounded in action in Afghanistan. He is currently serving with Company B, 27th Engineer Battalion from Fort Bragg, N.C

Rashe' is 25 years old and has been serving in his 2nd TDY in Afghanistan. He was trained in Special Operations and previously served in Iraq in a unit that specialized in IED removal, the homemade street bombs that these gangsters have been using to destroy our soldiers.

Rashe re-upped for a 2nd TDY to further his education in the states, but when they called him to action again he went with no hesitation.

Rashe's Unit was on a patrol in Afghanistan, when they were followed by insurgents and ambushed. One of Rashe's guys lost his foot according to information I have.

Rashe managed to exit his humvee to lay down suppressing fire for his mates after a rocket launched grenade misseled through the vehicle, passing in front of his face by 3-5 inches. He was wounded with grenade shrapnel in his leg and arm and burned on the neck ear and face.

At present we have little more information other than that he is doing well considering his wounds, and is being flown back to the States for hospitalization tomorrow.

His mother (my sister) Janeen is flying to meet him in the next few days and we all hope and pray for his rapid recovery. I will refrain from any political dialogue here and reserve this blog only for the request for support for his speedy recovery.

Rashe's work can be seen at the Buffalo Soldier web link provided here.

Buffalo vehicle (SUV on Steroids)

You can send Rashe a "Hoorraa" at the following email address:

Please copy and paste this address into the address window of your browser and save it to correspond with him.

Rashe is an ass kicking s.o.b. when it comes to doing the work of war, but he is a fantastic young man who has done everything to succeed in his own life and better himself. He is also one of the most dedicated men Ill ever know when it comes to family, both blood and military.

As I read this back it could have been an Obit...Thank God it isnt that! But its still a sad day when you are grateful that your family is only wounded instead of deceased.

Oh, did I mention that Rashe' is an avid fan of White Mud Blues Band? Yeah! Its due to courage like his and his mates that White Mud enjoys the freedom to be assholes back here in the States! Thank you Rashe for all that you guys have done to protect us! We love you kid!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Broken record...broken record...broken record...broken...


We all know that the major news media has become little more than a grown up version of Enquire Magazine on steroids since they learned that merely reporting the news doesnt sell nearly as many advertisements as "creating the news" does.

So when the headlines read "DEVELOPING STORY" they dont mean that the story is developing and that they are reporting it as it happens, no, they mean that they are actually developing the story in thier news room into a large 2-6 week loop of the same bullshit over and over and over until everyone in the story is either convicted, released, or gets hit by a Mack truck and there is nothing left to say!

Like the psychopath lying in his bed at the local sanitarium with voices drumming in his head over and over...the news media keeps that constant loop of worthless misinformation going.

Oh occassionaly they will add a new detail like:

This just in, the killer was wearing a blue business shirt made by Pierre Cardin.


Breaking News! The killer looks at lot like Lee Harvey Oswald

But the story is usually over for those of us sane enough to stop watching or reading it well before the ink is dry on the morning edition.

This latest obscene overplay on the story about the little six year old JonBenet Ramsay is the perfect example. By the way, for those of you who are just waking up from the Teresa Schaivo coma you may have been in, JonBenet died 10 fucking years ago! She would probably be sixteen years old today if she wouldnt have been dressed up so provacatively to look like a little whore from Munchkinland in the first place.

What the hell compelled her parents to do that to a six year old anyway? No wonder they were suspects.

Now the media has some new meat in the story with this pathetic pedophile who claims to have offed her in the basement of her home 10 years ago. As long as we're digging up the story for a new media assault, why not dig up the child for some real cool pics to see how she's doing, decomposing down there?

Miami's Channel 10 News and The Herald's editors are now all scrambling on the phone to get first and exclusive rights to these graveside photos...It's the way the media works man! You're welcome for the idea ya sick twisted freaks! Dont forget to use the zoom! Go get that Pulitzer you animals!

This is what happens when you lock people up in an intellectual prison and feed them only bullshit. At first we wont eat...but after while somewhere near starvation and surrender, we begin to consume whatever shit our captors choose to splatter into our trough.

If the mainstream media fails to whet our appetite, they bring in an alternative diet of right wing hooey on a platter that is supposed to be refreshing and tasty: Rush Limbaugh, Bill Oreilly, Fox News, Sean Hannity, or if the right wing isnt your cup of meat, maybe some Air America, or Michael Moore...all tastes like the same shit to me.

Over and over and over and over.....

Dont get me wrong here...I have a deep and compelling sympathy for this child. Perhaps that is the thrust for my sarcasm, and I believe in the need for justice. But thats just the point. The media is stealing a dignified closing to this story by selling it to us...jamming it down our throat just as her henious killer may have done to that poor innocent child when he "accidentally" killed her.

Over and over and over...

This story has now gotten as much over-coverage of the death of John Kennedy and for the same sick sells papers and tv! It likely serves as encouragement for other sickos who want to be famous in their own sick way.

End it! Find some other breaking news! Ive seen enough!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Almost Dead Guys...In The News!...Story At Eleven!

Well boys and girls, as tropical storm Chris is slowly dying over the island of Cuba, so is the imperial commandant of the island, himself!

Commerade Fidel and Tropical Depression Chris are both battling to stay alive and all of Sphincter City (Miami) is watching! Hoping that the eventual demise of both of these little monsters will soon be announced at the same time!

What a significant alliteration is now occurring over the island of Cuba! A storm is coming, and going in short order!

The Diaz-Balart Clan and others, will be hoping to all become Lord Master of the Island of Cuba soon, recovering thier old real estate property and resuming thier roles at the Batista Reunion. So Cuba will revert from being an oppressed communist regime where everyone is jailed for speaking out against tyrrany, to a new fascist state where only the obstructors of justice will be jailed!


Well at least they all fly the same flag! Thats a start! Those who are devoted to Fidel and the old regime, and those who wish him dead and want thier mansions back, all fly the same flag....

These are confusing times and everything in the news is worth a poke or a joke...

We probably could have solved the Cuba situation by buying the entire island from Fidel in 1963, and made it the 51st State of the Union. It would have saved Miami from becomming Sphincter City, but then....

Meanwhile, poor Mel Gibson is still floundering in the embarassment of words spilled in a drunken stupor. We forgive criminals for much worse and let them live, but celebs are granted no quarter! At least not by the media.

Martin Sheen can call the President of the United States a white knuckled drunk, even though he is a fool suffering from delusions of grandeur himself. That fat assed worthless fuckwad Michael Moore makes fraudulent movies that depict Bush as a criminal, Jane Fonda has a history of betraying her own countries defenders of freedom in Vietnam and they all pay....

There is a price to be an outspoken celebrity. Mel has endeavored to take the high road and he has a long path to travel. I wish him peace and success and hope that his own struggle with remorse and his plea for forgiveness is accepted. He will never get to play a Nazi in any role in a Speilberg movie though.

That role in the remake of the Sound Of Music is fuckin history! Theyll probably give it to that little kyke Charlie Sheen or even that arrogant darkie brother Samuel Jackson! Ooooops! (hic!) Sorry im kinda shitassed and cant find my carkeys!

See?... The trick is to stay drunk. Then you never have to apoligize! Kidding (hic!)

On other news fronts....and thank god Im not famous, I would have been booted out of cyberspace a long time ago...


I have to hand it to the Isrealis! I love these folks! I really do! They are the only ones on the planet who are willing to stand up for what they believe in which is survival! They are willing to kick ass on their enemies (and they know without a doubt who their enemies are!) and finish the fight regardless of world opinion!

Hey Isreal! Kick thier ragheaded asses into the sand! Thanks for doing the job that nobody else is brave enough to do! Finish it!

Half the world are made up of these people, and the other half hate them! Sounds like a good script for WWIII.

Well the sad truth is that "there is no truth!...Only BULLSHIT...You get to pick your own layer of bullshit and thats your BULLSHIT!" - Hero, Dustin Hoffman 1992.

Enough said...Ill figure out my apologies along with Mel, later, when Im sober.....