Wednesday, May 31, 2006

White Fang Steals The Show...

Bad dog!

Bad Dog White Fang!

Like the common criminal that he is, White Fang has stolen the keys to Doctor Hormone's everything! Cars, house, Office, and safe...He is holding me hostage and will not relenquish the keys unless I permit him to release his new music video on White Mud's web site at Vidiot TV!

Bad Bad Bad dog! What else can I do, but to let White Fang Cut Loose?

I apologize for the invasion on our most cultured website with this rude attack on our scene! White Mud is shocked and astounded that this could happen to us! We would never (except for a few times) even consider invading someones web site to take over and assume command of their scene!

But White Fang...Bad Dog of the 60's has made his move and we are rendered helpless!

Be it as it is White Fang's new Vidiot TV episode #6 #7 in a series....

We apologize for loosing control of the situation but the administrators of this web site are working furiously on a plan to regain control!

Bad Dog White Fang! Bad Dog! Sit! Sit White Fang!

Is there no mercy?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Happy Slapping...Slap Back!

Here's he latest screwed up idea of fun amongst the teenfreaks on the planet! Its called Happy Slapping!


And in the case that has come to be known as the "Big Rabbit", rival pupils from schools in the neighbouring districts of Kreuzberg and Neukölln laid into each other in a local park and filmed the action.

Meanwhile there is evidence that the phenomenon is taking on ever more disturbing features after police raided a school in Bavaria following a parental tip-off and confiscated 200 phones.

On a large number of them they found violent videos, Nazi propaganda and violent pornography on the phones of children as young as 12 who swapped the images during breaks or after school. "

Other than the UK, where the trend seems to have originated, happy slapping incidents have also been reported in Switzerland and Spain .

The Times April 17, 2006

Happy slapper . . . . slapped By Will Pavia

Victim turned the tables after a youth attacked him while another thug filmed with a mobile phone

A HAPPY slapper’s mobile phone recording of an attack took an unexpected twist when his victim retaliated, flooring his assailant with a single punch.
In footage that is rapidly gaining cult status, an athletic young man in a white vest is seen plotting the attack on a stranger, filmed on his friend’s mobile phone.

The British man, on what appears to be a foreign street beside the entrance to a shopping arcade, addresses the camera and, as if he were preparing to sing on the ITV1 show Stars in Their Eyes, says: “Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be. . .a happy slapper.”

The cameraman, also British, can be heard encouraging his friend, saying: “OK, the next person who comes out.”

In front of the camera the would-be aggressor is getting excited. “Which hand?” he says. “I’ll give him both. A double, he’s getting a f***ing right slap.”

Sufficiently prepared for the assault, he tells his audience: “All right, let’s have it.”

A passer-by emerges from the shopping arcade: a smaller man, wearing a leather jacket, a bag slung over his shoulder.

The happy slapper runs towards him, drawing back one arm to swing and catch the man full in the face.

The victim recoils in pain and drops the bag.

He sees his attacker turn and walk back to his friend, who is laughing and still recording the scene.

Incredulous, he screams with rage. He asks his attacker what he was doing. Judging by his accent, he appears to be from Liverpool.

The victim then approaches the youth and throws a fierce right-hand jab, punching him on the chin and knocking him unconscious.

The man holding the camera phone shouts his friend’s name but carries on filming.

The man in black regards his assailant sprawled out on the floor.

Then he picks up his bag and storms off, still muttering in anger.

Young punks vidio tape a random slapping of a total stranger on their cell phones. It's all set up and filmed on cell phone videos...and then transmitted to websites as a spectator sport thing. Cute!

I can only reccomend that if you have the opportunity to counter this new counter-culture it!

In fact, White Mud will be organizing a new counter-culture reaction fad called Slap Happy Is Terrible...Kill Idiotiotic Camera Krazed Emailing Retarded Shitheads!

or: S.H.I.T.K.I.C.K.E.R.S.

Heres the plan....If anyone sees a Happyslapping event underway, Intervene! Abort the mission by first beating the shit out of the person filming the event and destroy thier cell phone! Then beat the shit out of the actors who are performing the assault. If at all possible, put them in the hospital, and film it yourself!

Put your film on the internet instead of theirs! Steal their wallets and money and if at all possible, use theire ID in a fraudulent way! Hey Fun is fun! If you manage to actually kill one of these idiots, please be sure to be masked during the filming unless you are an illegal alien, whereas you will only be asked to go home to your own country without a conviction, and therefore a murder is just incidental...

Perhaps a new reality show could emerge here, where we kidnapp and torture Happy Slappers at Abu-Graib...It could be called "Happy Slappers Are Forced to Blow Iraqi Swine, As US Army Guard Dogs Chew Their Narrow Asses While They Sweat in a Torture Chamber"

Cmon wanna? Ittle be fun! I cant wait to beat the living hell outta some young cunt who is trying to film me getting my old ass beat while she films it. Ill go for beating the shit outta the chick first then the other two...