Friday, April 28, 2006

White Fang's Biography...

Recently, Doctor Greg Hormone invited an old but famous Detroit area icon to co-star with him and Sir Martin in the last episode of The Turku Project. White Fang!

While White Fang's performance was stellar, and magnificient...there were some troubling episodes during the making of this latest film. White Fang was eventually dismissed from the cast due to conflicts with the production staff, but he did, nonetheless, help to produce an excellent final episode of the Turku Project!

Here, is White Fang's story....

White Fang was born into a litter of pups from a mother who was (as legend has it) part American Timberwolf and part German Shepherd. This was in itself, a bad start genetically, given the temperment of Timberwolves. As is often goes with dogs, no-one really knows the exact lineage of the dog's father.

What we do know, is that White Fang was not only the runt of the litter, but that he was born deformed! He was only a paw! But a beautiful paw he was!

He had a brain and voice chords and all of the essential organs to function as an otherwise normal dog except for the rest of his body...For many years the Soupy Sales team kept this a secret while portraying White Fang as if he was just "off camera" when in fact...that was all there was of him!

This deformity contributed to White Fang's anger and frustration in his earlier years when he was rejected from military service, and later his application to the police academy was also rejected for obvious reasons.

In desparation, in 1950 White Fang, now 18 years old in dog years, applied to the Leader Dogs for the Blind. As usual, he was rejected.

While he did learn to "sign" it was little help to him, and his deficiency in being able to speak in an intelligible human language cost him the job. White Fang was heartbroken! He began to drink.

By 1952, White Fang had been arrested for at least 50 misdemeanors and a series of felonies including biting Federal Officials (U.S. Postal Inspectors)and he eventually was sentenced to do some hard time in New York City's Brooklyn of the toughest facilities in the country, for canines!

While in detention, White Fang met up with Pookie, a misplaced dwarf lion who also suffered from depression and social dysfunctional disorders. Pookie was incarcerated for the illegal abuse of minor kittens who were part of a feline prostitution ring headed by himself as their pimp.

By 1955, White Fang and Pookie were both released to society again and looking to restore their lives and try to find work.

A miracle occurred in their lives! The first national Soupy Sales Show was a live fifteen minute summer replacement (for ABC's 'Kukla, Fran and Ollie') that first aired on Monday, July 4, 1955, produced from the studios of WXYZ.

Clyde Adler adopted White Fang and Pookie and brought them to the show.

Years of success on the Soupy Sales Show brought some joy to the lives of White Fang and Pookie as well as Black Tooth (another mutant dog) and Hippie The Hippo (another dwarf Hippopotamus) but in the end the show was cancelled and White Fang found himself unemployed and destitute again....

Intermittent episodes allowed White Fang and Pookie to work with Soupy again on and off, but by 1970, White Fang was in trouble with the law again and dealing with a heavy addiction to catnip as well as an increasing inability to work with anyone.

In 1970 White Fang was invited to go on tour with Alice Cooper but after a few shows, White Fang lost it and mauled Alice Cooper's face, forcing him to wear his theatrical makeup on a permanent basis from then on. He was immediately fired and went back on Pet Welfare until 2006.

White Mud did some extensive research and found White Fang living in a halfway house in Ann Arbor Michigan in 2005. We contacted him to see if he was interested in working again under the camera.

After several months of coaxing, White Fang decided that he was ready to revisit the camera life of video under White Mud's direction.

He was delighted to join the team of White Mud and made a major contribution to our film efforts at Vidiot TV.

While things went a bit amiss, during our first filming effort, White Mud feels that we can work with White Fang again, and we have even had negotiations with Pookie as well to see if they may both re-appear with us in a future episode of White Mud's Vidiot TV.


For more on the history of White Fang, Pookie, Soupy and company, please visit

Stay tuned for White Mud's Vidiot TV where White Fang and Pookie will hopefully help us to continue to promote our upcoming White 2006 Reunion in Detroit where it all happened many years ago

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Some New Twists on Home Security....

Herein lies the problem....

Airplane Flight...
We go to great lengths to make sure that nobody getting on board an airplane has any kind of weapon. What the hell?...

We should equip every passenger with some kind of weapon, and fuck the seatbelt and airbag training that is mandatory at the beginning of every flight! Train every passenger to be able to fire a stun gun or mace or at least be proficient at slitting the throat of a terrorist with a plastic spoon!

This alone, will intimidate any terrorist from daring to try to take an airplane hostage!

Even if each passenger was a threat to each other, it would be safer than if only one, or two, or ten had an advantage over the rest...Equalize the odds! Dodge City in the air! We already use this philosophy in nuclear scenarios! What is it called? ...MAD? Mutual Armament Destruction?

So if we get people to accept their role in the theatre of responsibility for mitigating hostage taking and being victims, we will eventually be able to take away the power that these terrorists think they have. If we dont do this, they will continue to erode the playing field until they can use this hostage and victim scenario to control the world...

We must all become warriors! Willing to risk our lives as did the passengers of Flight 93, who were brave enough to just stop the action, and kill these fuckers in the act.

If a known group of terrorists commits an act on an airplane as what occurred on Flight 93, and the passengers are prepared to stop them with mace, and stun guns and knives and such, Im quite sure that these chicken shit maniacs would hesitate or abort the effort to commit such a mission.

Arm all passengers!

Other Home Defense Procedures That could make us safer....

It is clear to me that the world is filled with ugly and nasty people...many who deserve death without dignity.

The USA is filled with worthless maniacle crooks who have owned power and should be executed without any mercy. People who have stolen and robbed other innocents and have lived obscene lives at the expense of the common people.

I cant help but think of these few:

Michael Milken Michael Robert Milken (born July 4, 1946 in Encino, California) is a prominent American financier and philanthropist who almost single-handedly created the present-day market for High-yield or junk bonds during the 1970s. After he was sent to prison on finance-related charges, his detractors cited him as the epitome of Wall Street "greed" during the 1980s, and nicknamed him "The Junk Bond King."

In spite of his self centered philanthropic efforts, he stole the life investments of millions of investors and connived his way to a pseudo personna as a philanthropic benevolent bastard who should have died from the prostrate cancer he now pretends to be a saint for in the cause.

Kenneth Lay Kenneth Lee Lay (born April 15, 1942) is an American businessman and former CEO of Enron Corporation. Lay was the CEO and chairman of Enron from 1986 until his resignation in January 23, 2002, except for a few months in 2001 when he was chairman and Jeffrey Skilling was CEO. Enron and Ken Lay have become synonymous with corporate abuse and accounting fraud. The trial of Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling began on January 30, 2006 in Houston.

This ratfuck bastard should be destroyed for the same reason as Milken....He is a lying conniving theif who destroyed the lives of millions of people, not just his employees, but again, millions of little old ladies and retirees who invested their life savings in Enron's stock and went bankrupt as a result of his greed!

"The Boogeyman Syndrome"

For want of space and time here, I will forgoe my extensive list of greedy theiving bastards and continue on with my Home Security Plan which includes these fellows as well as many others that I will name later in another blog post...

The point is this. We have lots of cannon fodder! We have thousands of worthless greedy theiving bastards who have chosen a life of greed and corruption including most of our US Senators and Congressmen who have been bought and paid for by US Businessmen, who could be used as barter with the international terrorists who demand some form of retribution.

I say we consider selling them off as trade collateral to these terrorists...

They want some US officionados who are worth hating, and we have an arsenal of them!

Instead of spending the money to prosecute these clowns, why not just trade them off to the Al-Queda or Hamas or whoever will take them in trade as a sacrafice?

Lets call it the "Boggeyman Approach to Justice..."

Our US Congresspersons are always willing to write a new and worthless law into the books...why not an amendment to the US Constitution that requires federal criminal defendants who are convicted of such a heneous crime as these ass clowns have been, to be tried by the Courts of Iran or Palestine or wherever?

Hell...we outsource everything else...why not this?

Imagine seeing Kenneth Lay on trial in Tehran. We would not be burdened with funding his life in prison, with a golf course or, color tv or any of the other ammenities...Instead, we simply hand his greedy ass over to the newest head lopping monster in charge over there...

By the way, we will eventually have to "nuke" Iran but thats a story for another blog...

In the meanwhile, we should just send all of our misfit loser criminals over there, and let them dispose of them like we outsource everything else!

As a child, I was often afraid to enter the basement of my home due to a fear of meeting the Boogeyman who I know lived in the basement at my home in Detroit. He lived in the furnace room in my basement and it kept me from being in the basement alone for many years.

Im sure that the fear of being deported to the realm of the Boogeyman who lives in reality in the mideast, would keep many of our modern day criminals from being so lax about their white collar crimes...

Sometimes, outsourcing can be a good thing!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Diabetes is cute!...

During a commercial for diabetes, performer Patti Labelle came on TV last night and claimed "I have diabetes, diabetes doesnt have me."

I call it a commercial because, unlike a legitimate public service announcement which would have made a call for help, the general complacency of the clip made it appear that it was not only "Hip" to have diabetes...(being a cool artist) It was not as urgent a matter of public health as say, "AIDS"...

The American Diabetes Association authored several of these "It's hip to be a diabetic" commercials with people like B.B. King and others, as if having this socially acceptable disease is a common deal and not worthy of urgent research. The tragedy is the way they portray the cuteness of the disease...

As Patti Labelle said "I have diabetes, diabetes doesnt have me." Cute! As if diabetes is simply a controllable disease that can be handled with a few cheap public service commercials about handling your own fatness and sloppy life style and thats the end of it. Its all on you the victim. Some simple life rules, some simple phrameceutical aids and your life is almost normal. Fucking bullshit!

This criminal approach to addressing the disease of diabetes lays all the guilt on the victim as if they are in sole charge of their own success or failure, while the rotten criminal pharmeceutical industry is given full grant to rape and pilage those who have diabetes either type one or type two.

Let me set the record straight. I have lived with a woman who has spent her entire life trying to keep up with the "normal healthy world" by checking her blood sugars with a vengance to vitality! My darling wife Eugenia has been more focused on being healthy by eating right, and checking her blood sugars, and exercising than you could possibly imagine! She has made me healthy just living with her and sharing the same diet.

But Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes takes its toll on the human body in spite of all of the pep talks and hoorahs that can be mustered by the American Diabetes Association Research Policy Committee. To quote their champion,

"It has been an honor to serve as Chair of the Research
Policy Committee for the past two years. As I step down
from this post, I look forward to the new and exciting
research discoveries that will result from this program as
it continues to move in the right direction — a direction
that will lead to a cure for diabetes."
Andrew Stewart, MD
Chair, American
Diabetes Association
Research Policy Committee

I can only guess that the American Diabetes Association Research Policy Committee has had their head so far up the ass of the American Pharmacists Association that they couldnt find a cure for diabetes if it fell in their dickless laps!

The greedy theiving crooks at the American Pharmacists Association promote this pathetic administration of a disease which dibilitates its victims. Diabetics are led to believe that they have failed due to their own inadequate maintenance of a disease that has been allowed to cripple 20.8 million people in the United States alone! Thats about 20% of the population of the country.

Why is is that after 66 years of active research by the AMA, ADA, and the APA, they are still just peddling needles and horse insulin? It's because the pharmacies dont want to solve this multi billion dollar problem! Why should they? They make billions of dollars each year, while diabetes remains the number one health crisis on earth!

Get informed folks....your benevolent government is handling this evil killer just as effectively as they have every other money making bullshit scam on the planet. the only people who want to cure diabetes are diabetics!

The US(less) government is bought and paid for by the Pharmacists.

Heres the plan...we should at least systematically rob and pillage our local pharmacists as they have us for he last 100 years!

If your'e not into out and out robbery, at least steal the pens that they have you sign for prescriptions with!

Personally I would like to get a directory of licensed Pharmaceutical Company executives and systematically assault them, but I understand that's illegal so I will never do that!...Honest!

Maybe all these rotten fuckers will get cancer and die and the world will be a better place without their false hopes and scams to rid us of our hard earned money.

Maybe not.

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