Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Pathetic Maggots in Charge...

This is an open letter to the officials of the Department of Homeland Defense, The Governor Of Florida, and the President of the United States….As if it makes a rats ass….Ill let you all know if I get any response…or not…


“This is advance notice of a change to mutual acceptance of port badges which may have a short term effect on some of the dockside operations..
After today's meeting at Port Everglades, FDLE made it very clear (and enumerated the reasons) that it is not within the current regulations to accept access credentials issued by another port.
Port Canaveral and the 3 "South Florida" ports are looking for a bigger picture solution that best meets the needs of our tenants and ourselves.
But in the meantime, Port Canaveral will have to stop honoring badges from other Florida ports. We understand this may create some temporary discomfort while we sort out all the issues, so I've instructed XXXXXXXXX to craft some language that we can send out to all our business partners and we will build in some adjustment time. “

I am a registered Republican voter. But given the latest obnoxious obscene performance of the officials in Florida, particularly the FDLE, I am so furious, that I am willing to toss my vote to Hillary Clinton for President in the next election!

I would like a published list of the reasons that the FDLE was directed to deny reciprocity for Port ID badges in the state of Florida.

Contractors in Florida who require access to the ship ports are now required to obtain an individual port ID to each port they may visit even if they have passed the background check at another Florida Port. This is a new rule recently passed without public visit to the bill or rule, when we were all expecting reciprocation to allow one Port ID to allow passage to other ports. Up till now, Port Canaveral was permitted to accept ID Badges from other ports. What happened?

I have completely supported the war effort in Iraq, and continue to do so. I support the Republican party in most of its efforts to bring security to our home base and will continue to do so as long as I believe it is a worthwhile cause.

This is an issue that causes me such extreme frustration and anger that I am questioning my devotion to the Republican Party.

The Homeland Defense Department is a pathetic joke in its operations and its mission and requires an immediate overhaul! I have never been so frustrated by the Keystone Cops antics of this new fangled Rodeo Clown Posse in charge of protecting our country.

Hour by hour, these ill trained idiots are in charge of frustrating American citizens in lines at the airport and ship port security gates. They succeed only in delaying plane flights, denying authorized businesses, and costing American commerce additional expense to do business by demanding redundant permits and passes which are unnecessary and excessive.

I have traveled through most airports in this country and most are frustrating but tolerable, except for Miami International, which is a disaster…totally intolerable!

I have paid for permits and background checks in Florida, 4 times over which are all the same and unneeded in such replication.

When I pay $50.00/yr. for an I.D. badge to be allowed to enter one ship port, and the FDLE background check has been approved, I should be clear to enter any port in Florida since the background check that was done. It would be the very same one that will be done at the next port, and in any other Florida Port. The information goes into the same incompetent computer system.

Why do I now have to pay for another background check for the same access when I have already been cleared by the same incompetent agency for the same reason in the same time window, for the same work?

I only see $$$ as the reason….Is Florida raping its small business community for a dollar at the excuse of exacting more scrutiny from people who have been investigated beyond reason? I think so! Where does all the money go for these excessive, redundant, and unneeded background checks go? Which crook is building a new house?

In light of the recent information that common passengers can board airplanes and ships with less that minimal credentials, it would seem that the Homeland Defense Department is fixed on making a dollar by exacting more credentials from people who have already passed muster for boarding privileges. It would seem that those who abide by the rules pay more….

I am an American citizen, a working businessman born in the USA in 1952. I have operated my business in Miami Florida since 1980. I have been a contribution to the tax base of south Florida since 1980 and have suffered through the gradual degradation of representation of white anglo Americans since the day I entered this rathole, Miami.

I have passed numerous FDLE exams both for my professional state license as well as my Passport, and my Port ID badges in Miami, as well as Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale. Now I am told that I must secure an additional Port ID Badge to access the Port Of Cape Canaveral.

This is clearly a $$$ issue! If the current administration can only find raping American businessmen for additional background checks the best way to support control of illegal and dangerous persons, while millions of illegals pour over our borders, and others are allowed access to airplanes and ships with less than authentic credentials, I am ready to vote for the worst possibility this country could imagine…Hillary Clinton, just out of frustration! If being white, anglo, and male prevents me any reasonable rights to to make a living, I will quickly move my operations to a different community!

Folks, please write me back to explain why I should change my mind.

I am furious! I need an explanation!

Greg Gracer,
12108 SW 117 Court
Miami, Fl. 33186

Governor Jeb Bush




Just for your information...i tried to send this information to the authorities that may be in might be expected...these cowards have hidden themselves in the garment of the internet... these political cunts have hidden themselves so you cant even bitch at them on a one to one...

These political pukes have pretentended to be available...when in fact, they are hiding in their own slimey shit assed vomit...not reachaeble...

I reccomend that you vote for anyone not on the ballot in the next election...they are all clowns! Idiots! Worthless Puke Suking Idiots...

Dont vote.... it only encourages these rat fuck clowns!

Losers....Cancer is what they all deserve...fuck em!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Hurricane Adventures 2005...

Howdy everyone,

Doc Hormone here, speaking to you from the center of Hurricane Dennis. Yep once again its that time for all Floridians and others as well to enjoy that special added bonus that comes with living near the coastal areas of the southern United States. Hurricane Season!

We broke tradition this year, and instead of following the crowds to the gas stations, Home Depots in search of plywood and batteries, and the Grocery store for bottled water, we took a different approach:

We immediately threw all of our unwanted clothing into the driveway, along with some furniture and our old piano. The insurance claim should be substantial.

Next we broke out the whiskey and after getting smashed, we drove our old car down to the beach and abandoned it near the ocean, where the surf is sure to carry it away...Bye Bye 78 Pinto! The insurance claim here will also be substantial when we tell them our life savings was in the back seat.

Remember, this is what insurance is for in must be because they keep raising the premiums so high, that the only way to make the premium payment is to put in a claim...

Finally we took good Old Cody for a bike ride/walk. Only this one was different than the usual. Usually when we walk Cody on his leash as he trails behind us on our bikes, we pedal slow so the old guy can keep up, but today with the extremely high winds, we wanted to see if we could strap a wind surfing kite apparatus on the Old Fellow, and get him airborne...Id didnt take much really...He was yelping as his fat paws began to levitate from the ground...The straps we had placed him in were awkward but secure and within minutes he was 6 feet off the ground!

It was difficult to keep the bike steady in the strong crosswinds but the sight of Cody now 25 feet off the ground was inspiring and this was certainly not a good time for me to stop peddaling...

Onward we went until some stupid jerk in an Expidition SUV pulled out in front of me and cut me off! I had no choise but to slam on the brakes and of course down came Old Cody with a hard thud on the ground.

Fortuneately some branches from a nearby tree helped break Cody's fall and the Vet says he should be ok in a few weeks. He already scolded me and reminded me that at Codys age those kind of tricks are not a good idea so I really dont need you readers giving me crap about it ok?

Hey, for a breif moment there Cody was living the ecstacy of the Wright Brothers!. I love this time of year in Florida!

-Doc Hormone.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Schiavo Mysteries...What is wrong with this planet?

In recent months, the media covered the snot out of a story about a woman who was finally confirmed to be brain dead by the Florida Coroner who did her autopsy...She allegedly wanted to die according to her husband, but the world or at least the country wouldnt let her.

U.S. Senators, State Senators, the Florida Governor, and even his brother the President of United States stood by a position contrary to the wishes of her husband and (according to her husband) even her own wishes to die or live on her own, without artificial support.

The country seemed to unite behind a cause to keep her alive no matter what...One person, brain dead and in a vegetative state held the country in a state of suspension over the issue of "Right To Life"

This was the story of Terri Schaivo.

Several years ago, another Schaivo, Department of Transportation Inspector General Mary Schiavo in 1996 when ValueJet' flight #592 crashed into the Florida everglades and all were lost was front page news.

The investigation that ensued this crash was the topic of a blatant coverup involving Federico Pena, head of the Department of Transportation (DOT),
Florida Representatives, and U.S. Senators, The FAA and Valujet who in fact, worked furiously to discredit Mary Schaivo.

(Federico Pena)

Mary was outspoken against the outrageous safety record of ValuJet who threatened (by their own selfish greed and negligent corruption in the airline industry) public safety.

I challenge you to find any significant information on this story in todays news, or even in the obscure catacombs of the internet...albeit these... and

While these articles are heavy with technical info, if you really want to see how much information manipulation has occurred in this story by the FAA and Airline industry and how much of a coverup has occurred...please read them!

Mary Schaivo was attacked by the her boss (Mr. Clinton ass kissing) Pena, the FAA, The United States Senate, and The U.S. Attorneys office, and made out to be the villian. Mary Schaivo was made out to be the fall person for this airline tragedy when in fact, she was the one sounding the warning siren. She was embarrased, and forced out of her job for being a whistleblower and in fact politically assasinated.

The villans who did her in, turned out to be people in the same positions of authority who while ignoring the life safety of hundreds of airline travelers, have rallied around the flag of self righteous heroism to try to save a lone person,...a Schaivo who was already dead.

Killa Schaivo Save a Schaivo its all the same to me,
We all live in a purple haze of mediocrity.
As a government Pena in a 3 piece suit, Ill say what I have to say,
Ill lie and cheat and steal and kill as long as i get my pay.

Our Government is filled with little two headed snakes, who would blow a dead dog for a dollar, and lie to thier own mother to protect their crooked schemes.

No wonder that they think we need so many pharmaceutical mind numbing drugs to keep us complacent about the world we live in! But the idea of allowing the use of herbs that are not taxable, or profitable for the theives in the pharmacy industry to alleviate pain for cancer victims are of course illegal.

We are minions run by pigs in 3 piece suits who steal our lives from us and then we pay them for it....

If Carl Jung is correct about collective thought, I suspect that one day soon should begin an aggressive campaign to get rid of the liars and greedy theiving pigs who have abused our world in a class action fashion with their Bolsheviek thinking...

"7. All animals are equal and some are more equal than others."

But then The MC5 dreamed of the same thing 36 years ago and we still live with the Napoleons...Where are the Snowballs when you need them?

For those of you not engaged in a deep thought process, please switch the channel!