Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Goodnight You Greedy Sweet Worthless Fuckwad!

Johnny Cocksucking Cocoran is dead. King of the sleezy attorneys! Amen! Good riddance! This clown lived his life to make a buck in the traditional fashion of a worthless rattfuck criminal defense attorney.

His 3 piece suits wont save his arrogant bigoted ass now...Not even a pair of perfectly fitting gloves will aquit him!

In the end, he got what he deserved for being a greedy theiving ratfuck bastard in a 3 piece suit...a knot on the head! good riddance...Fucking fertilizer was all he was ever good for.

Now, rotting in the ground, he may finally do the world some good!


Monday, March 21, 2005

Obscene Government Intrusion Is Beyond "Right"

Unless you have been in a coma or a "Vegetative State" yourself for the last few weeks, you already know about Teresa Shaivo-Schindler. This woman who has been unplugged and plugged back in several times, is in a political ping pong game with her survival mechanisms, and her political captors.

She is now in the latest phase of this battle, which is as much about saving her life, as picking a zit is about eradicating acne. The Judicial system has already taken their turn bouncing the womans destiny around in the courtroom, 6 times, with 21 different legal opinions, and now the Legislative opportunists of Florida who have failed to reach a consensus on their own, have dumped the mess onto the US Congress who have made her the poster child for the 2008 Presidential campaign of senator Bill Frist, a heart doctor who makes the pretense of knowing her condition because he is a "Doctor". All this in the winter of this debate after 15 years have passed. Where was congress on this 15 years ago?

Only at the National Rodeo Championship, is more bullshit slung around the ring, while clowns scurry to to manipulate and mismanage the event! Hell I respect the rodeo clowns, at least they really work for a living.

Arrogant self centered bastards in 3 piece suits with too much authority are now writing retroactive laws to correct a series of judicial decisions, which is innapropriate at least, and meanwhile, not only are our individual rights being stepped on, but the rights of states have been trampled by the intervention of US Congress into judicial decisions in the state of Florida.

They point to a doctor who disputes her condition and his credentials? He won the fuckin Nobel Peace Prize! Yassir Arafat won that crackerjack toy! Big fuckin deal!

The Political stench is obscene! As usual, the mob of misfits in charge, are a cult of greedy theiving attorneys who are looking for the usual, power , and fame. This time out, the Republicans have embarrassed themselves by assuming that the media frenzy driven by this tragedy will take the focus off of their inability to harness runaway insurance fees of all types in Florida, and the fact that little has been done to secure America's borders on their watch...providing amnesty to millions of illegals in trade for latino votes!

Chasing Baseball stars for using drugs to shrink their "balls" and build their biceps was not enough to steer the "bull" away from the clowns...

Can you smell the bullshit yet? The Repub's think they have a throathold on liberals by painting them as heartless killers. It's a grey area, and that makes it fair ground to propagandize the whole affair. The entire affair is a grey area and therefore, a fucking virtual playground for self righteous opportunists to plant thier feet! Libs and conservatives and all thier sleezy friends in the medical, health care, legal, and insurance businesses are all in the game. Meanwhile, the media has their "fix" for the next month or so.

This woman has been pronounced beyond recovery by several doctors. Several others say no. But a by majority of professional prognosis over the last 15 years, most say she will never recover to a state beyond what she is now.

While her family alleges that she was responding to therapy and that Michael Schaivo has been suspect of perhaps actively wanting her dead, and that this particular case has suggestions of foul play according to the family, it is not a reason for the US Congress to intrude into all of our lives and impose a federal law that denies individual rights of freedom to other Americans for the right to die with dignity.

According to the testimony of her congressionally discredited husband, she discussed the "Right to Die" in dignity with him on more than one occasion and in front of witnesses.

The medical preisthood that governs our healthcare, along with the insurance mafia, will gain by perpetuating the dilemma. Doctors and Hospice care operations make more money by treating (babysitting) people in such a state...

Insurance companies can now validate raising our rates for insurance based on the new risk imposed by laws that require mandatory long term care for such people. Even though thier risk is not statistically justified. God smell that cow shit!

Meanwhile, families and victims of such a condition are denied the right to chose "Dignified Death" unless they have written permission even when they cannot legally sign a Living Will as a minor. What about people who dont have the chance to write that document?

Yesterday, a family of 3, a mother and 2 daughters were killed in a tragic auto accident in South Florida. If the youngest daughter was left in a coma, being a minor, she would not have had a living will (illegal for a minor)

By the standards of the new "rushed" congressional law, we would have a child forced to endure a comatose state indefinitely.

The pain this situation puts on a family is not an easy thing. Making the decision to pull the plug is not out of greed, at least not for everyone that will be affected by this new law.

My own mother passed away in 1987. She was a vicitm of Lou Gherig's Disease. She not only asked to be relieved of any agony before she reached such a condition, but she wrote a living will. I am now being told that in spite of that, she would have had legal difficulties anyway in honoring her wishes. This is soooooo fucking wrong....

Fortuneately, for my mom, she passed on before it even became a conflict.

The same hippocritical government that has permitted the killing of unborn babies who have no sense of life beyond an infantile state, now steps in and says that adult humans who have expressed a wish to die with dignity are now, prohibited. Man....smell that bullshit!

If our US Congress wants to do something humane, start by releasing Doctor Kevorkian from his prison. He never assisted anyone in their own demise without their own often written request. It was never murder.

For people who want the right to die, US Congress's new rushed law is designed to protect the rights of one human, and the political agenda of thier strongest collective constituency, the religious right, the health care industry, the insurance companies and of course the greedy thieving bastard attorneys...

For all Americans:

This blatant act of a politically driven agenda has ignored a screaming issue regarding the selective choice of some who wish to be released from unbearable agony. It was rushed to construction without regard for individual rights, and without regard for states rights which opens the door to a world of legal complications on many levels. It questions the core of our constitution.

While US Congress may have the power to intercede in what they consider innapropriate state judicial decisions, racing a bill into law to address this crisis as they have, has been reckless and selfish and politically driven.

To hell with this sad circus! Unplug her....plug her back in...unplug her...plug her back zoom in! coverage be damned...go for it!...Send in the clowns!

What a sick fucking world we live in...and are not allowed to leave without written permission!

Monday, March 07, 2005

Fare Thee Well Dan Rather....

Cowboy Dan Rather, one of America's favorite Old Ass Clowns,
is getting ready to retire his obnoxious fat mouth for good....
oh yeah, they are saying that "Homey The Frequency Boy" will stay on
as a chief journalist editor and continue to contribute to
the "hooey" that NBC likes to call "News Journalism"
but think about it...

Would you want a pedophile giving your kids instructions
on protecting themselves from strangers?

Would you want to have Ted Kennedy drive your children to
their High School Prom?

Would you hire Charles Manson to babysit your grandchildren?
No...I dont think so... And personally,
I dont think that NBC will sit with the idea that
the #1 Monkeyboy who nailed the coffin shut for
the mainstream media with his biased fabrications to slander
the President of the United States, in an effort to cost him the election,
will be a welcome featured player at the desk of the dinosaurs any longer...

Danny Boy, The Old Ass Clown says farewell to America...good fucking riddance!

Ya see Dan, we never liked you anyway...
You have always been an arrogant poser,
chock full of bullshit.

I have personally destroyed several TV sets firing
my paintball gun at them while you spewed your
elaborate fabrications of left winged liberal crap into my living room...

The next time I want to see Dan Rather on my TV
is during the televising of his funeral
complete with clips of him rotting on the porch of his Texas home,
pissing himself while his nurse bottle feeds him his pablum and whiskey,
and then his burial in some obscure pet sematery,
between Lassie, and Cheetah, but with a smaller stone than either of them.

America is done putting up with your left winged
liberal howling in that soft obnoxious monotone
droning whine...

The only thing I ever wanted to hear from you, and (you never told us) was.....