Friday, June 19, 2009

White Mud Players Visit Jazz Cafe! July 2 2009

This is a' nutha not too slow, not too fast, kinda half fast... project of the White Mud founding Muddas, hosted graciously by our own Poet Laureate M.L. Leibler.

Come see and hear another spontaneous "Convertible top down performance in the rain of life."

Out of our own dreams we will creep...into and onto the stage of spontanaeity at the Jazz Cafe' on July 2 2009.

It's a dreary weepy sleepy jazz thang, mixed with who knows what....

I smell madness, and sweetness, and the sweat of madmen performing a freelance thing along with M.L. Leiblers insane mix of musicians, poetry, noise, spoken word, digereedoos and audience participation. All that's missing is Bromo Seltzer!

Bring your own Barf Bags.

12 least. 16 cylinders, and amps at "11" in a Spinal Tap Mode...Old men without their reading glasses! Some drunk, some sober....Making it up as we go along, all night.
What a surprise that is!
Please dream yourself into the theatre of our dream! Adoo adoo.
Jazz Cafe' @ The Music Hall is located at 350 Madison Avenue, across from the Gem Theater, between Brush and Randolph, adjacent to ample lighted, secure parking and steps from some of the city?s trendiest restaurants and nightspots.

COMING TO Detroit Tonight Live in July
July 2 = M.L. Liebler & The Magic Feng Shui Cursives featuring members of The White Mud Experience (Dr. Hormone,Hank Chief Sobah, Jef Reynoldz & Mo)


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