Sunday, March 08, 2009

McFuckers Should Burn!

updated 4:51 p.m. ET, Thurs., March. 5, 2009

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - She's been called "McNut" by and "loco 4 pollo" by
Now, after becoming an Internet sensation for calling 911 three times to report an emergency after McDonald's had run out of McNuggets, a Fort Pierce woman said Wednesday she is embarrassed by all the media attention.
"I'm embarrassed to show my face in public," Latreasa Goodman told WPBF News 25's Alexis Rivera one day after her McNugget meltdown was first reported.
Latreasa, I say you go girl! I mean it! Where the fuck does McDonalds come off taking your money and not offering a refund when they cannot serve you the food you ordered?

I wouldn't have called 911, I personally would have done the jump over the counter, and beat the shit out of the person holding my $3.49.
At what point did they realize that they had taken your money for an order they could not fill in the first place? Wheres the manager in all this?...
Whot the hell is McDonalds doing running out of McNuggets anyway? If they have it on the menu and they lure you in to buy them, they better damn well have them! It's false advertising if they willingly and knowingly lure you in to buy McNuggets, take your money and then tell you they dont have them.

We used to tar and feather used car salesmen for using the same dirty trick. Offer a car for sale in the local paper that they dont even have, then when you get there to buy the 49 Hudson for $990.00 they tell you it was sold in the morning and they only have a 50 Hudson for $1200.00!
My own father was run out of town on several occasions for using this same trick! And he deserved it each time!

Corporate Amerika has gone south, and its these dirty tactics along with redirecting your request for support or service to some goat fucker in Bangladesh who pretends to speak english but you cannot understand a word, or they dump you into a convoluted telephone mail system where you are on hold for two hours before you get to scream profanities at a real human being!

These stupid McFuckers should be run out of town too! Along with the idiots at Big Orange (Home Depot) who cannot seem to sell anything that performs for more than 15 minutes at a time and when you go wait in line to replace it, they dont carry it anymore, even though you just bought it the day before!
Im sick of them all! I say vandalize their stores, steal their shopping carts, paint grafitti on thier walls, and shoplift (carefully since they all have elaborate camera systems...) from them daily!

Latreasa should not be made to feel shame...oh no...she is not the one who should be humiliated...on the contrary, it should be the McJackoff manager who should be arrested for stealing! Robbery!

I say lets put this assclown's picture on the internet and threaten his family instead of Latreasa.
Latreasa did the honorable thing by calling the only authority she knew for help, and they made her feel like a fool. Since when does robbing people during the pretense of doing business constitute legitimacy?

I have a threesome of maggot-brain dicksucking idiots who race down my street daily for hours at a time on their 3 wheeler ATV bikes at speeds in excess of 90 mph. I have been calling the police for over a year and each time they eventually come out, (1+ hours later) the fuckers are gone and the police give me a lecture on due process and civil complaint procedure....

I dream of laying huge piles of lumber in the street and creating my own speedbumps which would send the riders propelling into the air at heights only Evil Kneivel could achieve! But alas, I know full well I would end up in jail for such a stunt, so I continue to call for help knowing full well that it is an exercise in futility!

Instead of creating layers and layers of worthless new laws and rules to live by, which our criminal neighbors scoff at, why not begin enforcing some of the laws that are already on the books?
Latreasa, did the cops that responded to your 911 calls make any attempt to request the manager give back your money? Or do they get a free breakfast at that particular "pigfest trough" and therefore refuse to jeapordize their daily feeding?

I for one reccomend that anyone feeling the need to exercise their right to civil disobediance, get in line at McAssholes, order $100.00 of food, and then simply skip out. Jump out of line and drive away....

"Welcome to McFucwad's, may I take your order?"
"Why, yes...Id like 5000 choclaty chip cookies, and a milk please...
By the way...that's to go."

Bastards....Fuck em all.


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