Monday, November 05, 2007

Which Witch Is Which?

Ok, first theres something about grown men dressing in drag that has always bothered me...then theres grown men dressing up as witches that really is over the edge, but then there is something about grown men who dress up as ugly witches and get chicks!

After seeing The Chief, Sobah with this hot little number at Hooters during one of White Mud's Twin Township Tour Planning meetings in Detroit a few weeks back, I it actually possible that girls dig ugly male witches in drag? Am I .....missing something from my 9th grade Health Class about attracting the opposite sex?

Then when I saw cousin Jeff The Flavoyguy dressed in great pride for Halloween as an ugly male witch I thought....nah!

But still the question compelled me to ask...why would chicks be attracted to ugly male witches?

Im not going to pursue this question any further except to reflect on the number of spam emails I get offering me large doses of viagra and penis expander tools and toys....

Forget it...Ill just suffer along being a rather pretty fellow with an average size weapon....Im not going to sell my soul to the devil to get that kind of magic and forsake the status of being a natural 4.38" hunk that I am! Not that I have taken any measurements....

Is there something Im missing?...Whats the story with these ugly male John Holmes Witches?

Class over maaaan!
Stay tuned for upcoming video clips of White Mud's Twin Township Tour 2007 as they come along....
We had a blast and we are already planning our next year show...this time we will all be dressed in some costume and getting all the chicks!


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