Sunday, October 28, 2007

Doctorhormone Takes His Sacred Indian Name...

It has occurred to me that I have not been bestowed with a sacred indian name such as have the others in my midst of my Incredible Mohawk Brothers....

I am hurt and wounded even though the Incredible Mohawk Brothers no longer reside in the same wigwams or long houses or whatever the fuck they sleep in these days....

Danny Terio has been bestowed with the sacred name of Handsome Hawk....Hank The Chief Sobah has been bestowed with the sacred name of Hankerchief...but I who have attended only a few of the sacred tribal meetings due to bad airplane trips and other shit beyond my own control have been denied my rite as a brother in the Incredible but no longer Credible Mohawk Brothers....with a sacred name!

Even Dwayno Da Old Ass Clown was bestowed with a name that befits his personality....but I alone Doctor Greg Hormone stand without a sacred name of the tribes...

I take it upon myself to bestow the name upon me as ......HawkMone!

Hawkmone the medicine man of all of the tribes of the Huron, The Algonquin, The Iriquois, and the Mohawk....The Saulk, the Fox, and the Crow...I alone...Hawkmone will stand as the last medicine man of the Tribes of the Longhouses!

Umgatcheemowwa Cum heerikowi heeya!

By the way, piss on you guys for not making this shit up on my behalf...

Danny Terio is the Handsome Hawk? Oh fucking pleeeeeeeese! Im way prettier than he is!

Hankerchief? because he what? Delegates bullshit ideas to the rest of us? Oh cmon maaan! anybody can give orders...its the man that can take them that is the cream of the crap! Crop...ooops...sorry...

Ok so I and I alone the one who can eat the feathers of birds without questioning...who can shit a birthday cake in three colors, who can make a dead dog dance....I am your medicine man!

I declare myself Hawkmone!

Fuckin.....I gotta get a life....this is nuts!

Hialeah! yeah! Fuckinaaaaaaay!

Hey Sir wanna get in on this!?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeez...what was I thinking? I mean, I talk to you like a couple times a month, I email and get emails from you regularly, and I just completely didn't think about it, I guess. No wonder they called me the prick of the band! I officially dub thee...


You gotta give me a day or two to think of one for Sir Martin and Fadda Ken, which by the way, what happened to his honorable holiness after his departure with a new harmonica from Detroit? I suspect foul play, perhaps even an alien abduction for future probing...hmmm...peculiar...

Got it? GET IT!!!
Your cousin Mikey

10/28/2007 07:46:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed Cousin Mikey...Sir Martin is as I am sure, just sitting on one of his thumbs eagerly awaiting his Mohawk is Fadda Ken who is probably wondering where he put his teeth....Hey Fadda check your ass crack!

I put them up there while you were sleeping in the Red Roof Inn in Detroit three weeks ago....You will smell the smell of a 10 year old vagina (synthetically) for weeks to come while you play with your self!

Incentive to wear your teeth!

What a sick bunch of twisted individuals we are!

Hope were havin a good time!

10/30/2007 12:09:00 AM  

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