Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cody Will Be Leaving The Earthly Realm on Friday August 17 2007

Friends, it is with sincere and no fooling sadness that I reluctantly announce the forthcoming demise of Cody my old faithful companion who has "shat" by my side all these 14 long years.

Cody's health has deteriorated to a point where the vet has reccomended that we let him now rest alongside the other famous dogs in history who have etched their piss stains onto the sidewalks of history.

Lassie, Old Yeller, Rin Tin Tin, Cudjo, Hootch, Sounder...

Cody will also now get to do his famous art work alongside such artistic greats as Picasso, and Salvador Dali who have long admired his talent from afar.

Maplethorpe the artist once remarked about Codys work, "I wish I could do shit like Cody does "Shit. I did Christ Piss, but nobody does shit like Cody!"

Cody was not only an artist in the veneral realm of fecal sculpturing, but a talented vocalist as well! Cody's famous CD The Amazing Wonderdog Sings Every Song Ever Written is a landmark in canine music. He literally stayed up for two weeks without sleeping to record this set of fine tunes!

Cody was in the process of writing his anals for an autobiography when total blindness struck and he had to dictate the last few chapters to the cat who typed for him until his hearing went then it was just too much for him. Not being able to hear what he was barking to the cat, he just went into depression and began shitting in small soupy concentric circles all over the patio and stepping in it.

He will be best remembered for his role as sidekick for me Doctor Hormone on many of my albums. He sang background on the tune Pathetic Lost Tape Song, and is referred to in the song, while he howls out the tune.

http://www.whitemud.us/download_media.htm Click on Download or Play at the linked page.

Codys work was recognized by the Pope and Smithsonian Institute on several occasions and President Bush had recently authorized one of his Golden Turds to be placed on the moon during the next astronaut trip from the space shuttle in 2008.

Cody's tribute to the American Indian will be remembered as well...Trail of Turds...seen below:

It was Codys dream to be remembered by his family and friends as a dog who loved to play. As a pup he was an avid football player and admired the work of Kez McCorvey from Florida State University, as well as that of his life long pal White Fang who fondly, and often said that next to himself, Cody was the "baddest dog in the whole world."

Cody even honored Wayne Kramer of the MC5 with a small token of his appreciation for the Dwayno's work:

More of Cody's work and anthology can be seen at http://www.doctorhormone.com/ at The Amazing Wonderdog page.

Cody will be honored on Friday August 17, 2007 at 7:00pm with a full Belgium Bagpipe band and some circus clowns who were available on short notice for a small parade on his behalf. A special Christmas turd wreath will be placed at the gravesite with a few dead cats and mice.

The family asks that donations be withheld and intead save your money to attend a wake party to be held when White Mud performs their 2007 Reunion in Mt. Clemens Michigan at Jagers Castle Rock Club 43785 North Gratiot Ave. Time and date to be announced later.

I will miss and always love my old friend Cody. Long live Cody The Amazing Wonderdog.



Blogger Martin said...

Good bye Cody! You will be remembered forever on the Internet. Your shit pictures are posted on many sites!

Sir Martin of White Mud

8/16/2007 12:01:00 PM  

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