Saturday, July 14, 2007

Another Farkelum Sans The Doctor....

Somebody had to publish this pornography, and I guess it was me.....

Another White Mud / Hawk Farkelum has occurred with the blessed presence of the clan....

Cousins Mikey Mo, Tommy Hawk, Strato Hawk, and White Mud Alumni Sir Martin, Chief (Now known by the cousins as "Hankerchief") Tony (Danny Terio, or now known by the cousins and officially assigned the title of Handsome Hawk...congrats are now an official Hawk!) Diorio.

You clowns have continued to preserve the fantasy of WMBB/Hawk madness by subjecting us to continued uneccessary interruptions in our daily tv/news schedule by making us view your obscene presentations of lewd and liscivious behavior with female children, just slightly over the age of 18, and for that we are proud of you all!

You have collectively won the award for Lechmasters of America 2007....

You should be proud!

I will only ask that Sir Martin or one of you provide the appropriate link to the photos here so that the world can enjoy your debaucherous deeds!

White Mud/Hawk Farkelum (link to photos here)

As I understand, I personally missed a truly historic and eventful summit which I hope is only a prelude to the madness which will ultimately occur when the Mud/Hawk Farkelum meets to play together in the Jagers Castle Rock Club very very soon!

I wish I could do more, but I am writing this blog with one hand as you might well understand....

- Doc Hormone

Roll the tapes! some one!


Anonymous faddaken said...

how come everyone is wearing coats and scarves? why are none of the faithfull tanned? i mean with global warming shouldn't metro beach have palmtrees? and what the fuck with the hooters chicks? none of them are in bikinis? cheesus chrust pizza! and none of the guys dared to insult the babes and get thier boyfriends/husbands so irate as to threaten thier lives! and where are the greaser dudes and football jocks? has michigan gone to hell? i am beside myself, and behind and in front of myself! above and below! eat tainted food from china, mad cow beef from europe, and served in hooters in michigan! i will eat road kill first! made in the usa! i could go on and on but it is 8 in the morning and the good reverend ken must mix a drink, swallow a pain med, take anti-puke pills and head to the beach!

7/16/2007 07:49:00 AM  

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