Thursday, January 18, 2007

Orville Redenbacher Undead?

Wow! Just when you thought you've seen it all, along comes a dead guy, who was famous and apparently just cant give up that fame thing...or at least those left with his heritage cant give up the big bucks that his product has produced along the way.

So the reknowned Orville Redenbacher is actually back...somehow, and producing more TV commercials about his famous popcorn. He is not only alive and well as the newest commercial would have you imagine, but he even looks younger and healthier!

Might it be the popcorn? Is this the new pitch? Orvilles popcorn raises the dead?

Actually, Orville died from drowning in his jacuzzi tub during a heart attack on Septmber 19, 1995, so his appearance in a new TV commercial after his well publicized death is rather macabre.

I cant help but wonder how much popcorn you have to feed a corpse to bring it back from the dead. Questions arise...

How does one get a cadaver to eat popcorn? Which brand is best for a corpse? How much popcorn is required to raise the dead? Has the US Government been made aware of this incredible discovery?

Watching this new and profound commercial reminds me of the line that Fred Gwynn delivered in the movie Pet Cemetary modeled after Steven Kings book, where he said...

"Sometimes dead is better."

Quoting from Advertising Age, another web blog, The author writes, "I'm not the only one. The Copyranter, writing at Gawker, weighs in with a typically scathing word or two (my favorite: the ad industry would "reanimate dead Darfur babies if they could get away with, and it sold product." Patrick's Place chimes in as well, saying the zombie looks "more like Dana Carvey made up to look like an old man." In an aside, columnist/author/blogger James Lileks describes it thusly: "high octane nightmare fuel. It's a desiccated undead zombie-mummy in a bowtie, and it will steal your soul."

Nuff said. The bottom line is that the dead are truly among us, selling popcorn and looking as good as life!

Popcorn's ready!


Anonymous Cosmetic Dentist Fort Worth said...

What's with the popcorn? Dead people are already dead. They won't come back to life.

7/20/2009 04:58:00 AM  

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