Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cousin Jeff Is A Big Hit out at DTW

Hi fans!

Well tonights news breif surpasses the death of Anna Nicole Smiths son, John Kerrys' Foot in Mouth Faux Paux for which Rush Limbaugh has nominated him for another Purple Heart Medal for shooting himself in the foot....and all of the political bullshit that is going on otherwise...

My own dear cousin Jeff "The Flavoguy" has taken the brave step of wearing his WMBB T-Shirt to work at the Detroit Metro Airport where he is doing local advertising for us at one of the most effective advertising venues in the world...our own airport billboard!

Thank you cousin Jeff!

I have asked cousin Jeff if he could appeal to his employer to be allowed to wear his halloween costume from now until January 7. Even at the risk of losing his sure cousin Jeff will reluctantly oblige White Mud. What a Guy!

This is only the beginning! White Mud is looking into renting a full sized billboard to advertise the upcoming show at Jaegers Castle Rock Club in Mt. Clemens Michigan at 43785 North Gratiot Avenue. January 7 2007! Thats the big date!

The Band is busy rehearsing cybernetically, and by then we will have many of our favorite tunes tweaked to sound as good as they ever did!

Imagine The Supremes hit, Baby Love sung in A' Capela or whatever the hell it 25 old guys who havent sung the song in 37 years and never sang it that well in the first place! Wow! mini recorders and video cameras are not only welcome, but we encourage you to bring them and share your videos with us for the production of our Video Movie of the Show...

Stay tuned! Nothing else in the news is relevant...Nothing else matters! Stay focused on White Mud!...

White Mud Blues Band 37 Year Reunion at Jaegers Castle Rock Club 43785 North Gratiot Avenue, Mt. Clemens Michigan! January 7 2007! Be there!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think what we are seeing here is nothing short of a self fullfilling prophecy.

Jeff is clearly the full time Dept of Spokesperson Control Center.

Airports are nice.

11/02/2006 11:30:00 PM  
Blogger Martin said...

Hey Doctor...I think Cousin Jeff is trying to pull a fast one. Those look like Halloween pictures! That isn't the airport and that looks like a child in a Halloween costume.

I suspect that Cousin Jeff is taking all the advertising money you are paying him to promote our gig and using it for personal reasons. What a guy! That is true White Mud spirit, but is totally unacceptable in our quest to save the world.

We need to see him at the airport (DTW - Detroit Metro - the real one) with recognizable scenes in the background.

Sir Martin of White Mud

11/03/2006 07:42:00 AM  
Blogger greg hormone said...

Cousin Jeff? Will you answer the challenge?....Show us DTW pics!

11/03/2006 11:45:00 AM  

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