Tuesday, October 24, 2006

White Mud's New Islamo-Fascist Torture School Begins...

With all of the negative media about torturing Muslim Fanatic terrorists, the White House Administration has had a bit of a go with trying to convince the world community that there is any benefit to the effort. But our new school is tops!

There are those that would argue that this practice is inhumane and hideous. Human rights groups would argue that this is a crime against humanity.

But Here at White Mud's New Islamo-Facist Terrorist Torture Training School we feel otherwise...

Not only is this practice beneficial to the world in an effort to curb the fanaticism that prevails, it's downright fucking fun!

Here at our new training facility, we dont even bother to ask the prisoners any pertinent questions about location of their leaders or the plans for future assaults by Al-Queda, Hezzbolla or the Hamas...we just enjoy removing their limbs in a systematic approach, much like the coroner might enjoy dissecting a corpse.

The only difference is that our subjects are still alive!

While we cant divulge the exact location of our new facility for obvious security reasons, we can tell you that our camp enjoys the warm Caribbean breezes all year round and the tuition is downright cheap!

There is nothing more relaxing than yanking out a few teeth from an Al Queda operative, or lopping a few digits from his eating hand, so he must now use his shit picking ass wiping hand for eating as well...

One guy we did recently made a wonderful stump and doormat after we removed all four limbs and pulled a few teeth from his jaw.

We are quite proud of our work here at the Institution For Enlightened Madness, and the CIA as well as many other International Security Agencies have contacted us to enroll in our training programs...

Just a couple of examples of our work include:

Khalied Sheik Mohammed who was believed to be in a US prison....nope...he's here with us...

Here are some amazing before and after conversion photos of Khaleid....





Note the nice work on the eyes, done with a simple magnifying glass and the noon day sun...Lasic surgery at its all time best! Freaking great!

Some minor dental work...pluck...pluck...pluck...and voila! Extreme makeover...The wildest dreams any Sand Rat could imagine! Oh forget about the 17 virgins though...no dick.

Well, thats just a brief report on the latest efforts from your favorite band as we prepare for our 2007 reuinion in Detroit on January 7.

Dont forget to be there...

Jaegers Castle Rock Club 43785 North Gratiot Avenue, Mt. Clemens Michigan.


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