Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Buffalo Soldier Rashe Hall wounded in action...

War has suddenly hit home on a very personal level for my family.

Ventura County Star Article

My beautiful nephew, US Army Staff Sergeant Rashe' Hall has been seriously wounded in action in Afghanistan. He is currently serving with Company B, 27th Engineer Battalion from Fort Bragg, N.C

Rashe' is 25 years old and has been serving in his 2nd TDY in Afghanistan. He was trained in Special Operations and previously served in Iraq in a unit that specialized in IED removal, the homemade street bombs that these gangsters have been using to destroy our soldiers.

Rashe re-upped for a 2nd TDY to further his education in the states, but when they called him to action again he went with no hesitation.

Rashe's Unit was on a patrol in Afghanistan, when they were followed by insurgents and ambushed. One of Rashe's guys lost his foot according to information I have.

Rashe managed to exit his humvee to lay down suppressing fire for his mates after a rocket launched grenade misseled through the vehicle, passing in front of his face by 3-5 inches. He was wounded with grenade shrapnel in his leg and arm and burned on the neck ear and face.

At present we have little more information other than that he is doing well considering his wounds, and is being flown back to the States for hospitalization tomorrow.

His mother (my sister) Janeen is flying to meet him in the next few days and we all hope and pray for his rapid recovery. I will refrain from any political dialogue here and reserve this blog only for the request for support for his speedy recovery.

Rashe's work can be seen at the Buffalo Soldier web link provided here.

Buffalo vehicle (SUV on Steroids)

You can send Rashe a "Hoorraa" at the following email address:

Please copy and paste this address into the address window of your browser and save it to correspond with him.

Rashe is an ass kicking s.o.b. when it comes to doing the work of war, but he is a fantastic young man who has done everything to succeed in his own life and better himself. He is also one of the most dedicated men Ill ever know when it comes to family, both blood and military.

As I read this back it could have been an Obit...Thank God it isnt that! But its still a sad day when you are grateful that your family is only wounded instead of deceased.

Oh, did I mention that Rashe' is an avid fan of White Mud Blues Band? Yeah! Its due to courage like his and his mates that White Mud enjoys the freedom to be assholes back here in the States! Thank you Rashe for all that you guys have done to protect us! We love you kid!


Blogger Martin said...

Hey Rashe, Sir Martin doesn't do MySpace email (too many perverts there), but I do want to wish you well and get well soon! Thanks for what you do for White Mud (fight for our freedom to be assholes).

Sir Martin of White Mud

8/24/2006 08:09:00 AM  
Blogger Mikey Moe Hawk said...

Brother Rashe...we here in New Fallujah aka Kill City aka The Motor City are wishing you a speedy recovery. We appreciate all that you and all the troops have done for all AMERICAN CITIZENS to keep our country the land of the to be the musical idiots that we are without persecution from Neil Diamond and Babs Streisand! You get well soon and if it's any consolation to you and your pals, you are HONORARY MOHAWK BROS. for your dedication and hard work. Got it? GET IT!!!

Mikey Moe Hawk, Despicable Spokesman for Detroit

8/24/2006 10:58:00 AM  
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