Thursday, August 17, 2006

Broken record...broken record...broken record...broken...


We all know that the major news media has become little more than a grown up version of Enquire Magazine on steroids since they learned that merely reporting the news doesnt sell nearly as many advertisements as "creating the news" does.

So when the headlines read "DEVELOPING STORY" they dont mean that the story is developing and that they are reporting it as it happens, no, they mean that they are actually developing the story in thier news room into a large 2-6 week loop of the same bullshit over and over and over until everyone in the story is either convicted, released, or gets hit by a Mack truck and there is nothing left to say!

Like the psychopath lying in his bed at the local sanitarium with voices drumming in his head over and over...the news media keeps that constant loop of worthless misinformation going.

Oh occassionaly they will add a new detail like:

This just in, the killer was wearing a blue business shirt made by Pierre Cardin.


Breaking News! The killer looks at lot like Lee Harvey Oswald

But the story is usually over for those of us sane enough to stop watching or reading it well before the ink is dry on the morning edition.

This latest obscene overplay on the story about the little six year old JonBenet Ramsay is the perfect example. By the way, for those of you who are just waking up from the Teresa Schaivo coma you may have been in, JonBenet died 10 fucking years ago! She would probably be sixteen years old today if she wouldnt have been dressed up so provacatively to look like a little whore from Munchkinland in the first place.

What the hell compelled her parents to do that to a six year old anyway? No wonder they were suspects.

Now the media has some new meat in the story with this pathetic pedophile who claims to have offed her in the basement of her home 10 years ago. As long as we're digging up the story for a new media assault, why not dig up the child for some real cool pics to see how she's doing, decomposing down there?

Miami's Channel 10 News and The Herald's editors are now all scrambling on the phone to get first and exclusive rights to these graveside photos...It's the way the media works man! You're welcome for the idea ya sick twisted freaks! Dont forget to use the zoom! Go get that Pulitzer you animals!

This is what happens when you lock people up in an intellectual prison and feed them only bullshit. At first we wont eat...but after while somewhere near starvation and surrender, we begin to consume whatever shit our captors choose to splatter into our trough.

If the mainstream media fails to whet our appetite, they bring in an alternative diet of right wing hooey on a platter that is supposed to be refreshing and tasty: Rush Limbaugh, Bill Oreilly, Fox News, Sean Hannity, or if the right wing isnt your cup of meat, maybe some Air America, or Michael Moore...all tastes like the same shit to me.

Over and over and over and over.....

Dont get me wrong here...I have a deep and compelling sympathy for this child. Perhaps that is the thrust for my sarcasm, and I believe in the need for justice. But thats just the point. The media is stealing a dignified closing to this story by selling it to us...jamming it down our throat just as her henious killer may have done to that poor innocent child when he "accidentally" killed her.

Over and over and over...

This story has now gotten as much over-coverage of the death of John Kennedy and for the same sick sells papers and tv! It likely serves as encouragement for other sickos who want to be famous in their own sick way.

End it! Find some other breaking news! Ive seen enough!


Blogger Mikey Moe Hawk said...

I don't know what to say about this entire situation except that the parents should never have dressed their baby up like a prostitute in the first place, but this does not excuse a murderer from falling in love with a child either, because the whole lot of them should be put into an 8 by 8 room with Wayne Kramer and forced to listen to his political views and reasons why the surviving spouses of the MC5 don't deserve shit in royalties. I think after one night of that shit, everyone will commit suicide. Got it? GET IT!!!

8/20/2006 05:50:00 AM  
Blogger Fadda Ken said...

well since my meds havent quite kicked in here is my fucking a comment: mikey i agree hell butdress up her father as a lil girl prostitute and send him to belle isle and let him walk around for an evening! got that ? get it!!

8/23/2006 08:22:00 PM  
Blogger greg hormone said...

Wow! You guys! You are the geniuses of our time! This is why White Mud and the Mohawk Brothers need to develop a "Think Tank" to solve the worlds problems!

We could report the news like Heraldo, Kopple, Rather, Rather Not, and the other misfits of the media...but in addition, we would offer sound solutions to the worlds problems such as have been offered above.

Think of it! A round table discussion by the most brilliant minds in the world...people who have stolen their own trucks and gone to jail for it, people who have a milkman clown for a father, and people who have been abused as young men by being forced to listen to Dwayno Da Old Ass Clown for hours...that's some serious child abuse!

If anyone can survive this kind of abuse, they certainly can solve a simple murder case of a hot 6 year old, and perhaps much more!

Im thinking that a small telephone booth could be employed as a torture chamber, (since they are almost obsolete anyway we could pick one up for about $35.00)

We put the "Perp/suspect" in the locked phone booth with Dwayno for about 2 hours, filled with flatulent vapors from a circus elephant,(piped in with a large hose) and force him to listen to a painful whine (somewhat like Dwaynos licks) until the Perp succumbs and confesses to the crime.

Even Camp Gitmo could employ these devices! Hundreds of them! Dwayno couldnt, and likely wouldnt volunteer to be present to torture these idiots so we would have to employ the Michael Moore tactic of using "manipulated" film clips of Dwayno on a small screen in each phone booth.

Hey Fadda! Good to see you back in the mix! Hope you will be able to dance at the reunion coming soon! As your doctor, I reccomend lots of wine, and jerking off daily. If you have meds, dont use them, abuse them....then get more!

Cousin Mikey, always good to get your take on an issue! Your always brilliant take on an issue helps me to remember that I am not alone in the madness of life!

8/23/2006 10:09:00 PM  

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