Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mermaid Goes Nuts...And more.

Breaking Idiot News!...

Daryl Hannah was holed up in a walnut tree at an urban garden near downtown Los Angeles for much of the morning Tuesday.

Hannah and activist John Quigley were removed from the tree by firefighters in a cherry picker after protesting the eviction of farmers in an urban garden near downtown Los Angeles.

For years, about 350 farmers have been using the 14-acre land to grow crops and flowers. But the property owner, Ralph Horowitz, now wants to build a warehouse.

Now for the last month Darryl Hanna has been hugging this tree in protest of the owners decision to use his own property as he sees fit.

Hey Darryl! If you really care, why dont you and your hippie throwback pals just buy the property? Im sure that you and your Hollywood Bozo pals could raise the money.

This is what happens when you let a mermaid climb trees! Somebody give this gal some water...She's getting all scaly and crusty looking!

There are only two things that smell like fish...and one of them, is fish! In honor of her protest I had a nice piece of Tilapia covered with walnuts tonight. I barbecued it and it was delicious! MMMMM!

And in other news across the country,

City of Miami Commissioner Joe Arriola is still a complete arrogant idiot! No offense Joe you fatassed pathetic jerk!

That old fool Bill Clinton showed his ass as well by making a speech declaring that he and his former sidekick Al (Doomsday) Gore were now vindicated in declaring Republicans as evil earth hating monsters who were responsible for all of the global warming, and were without any morals.

Wow! Im wondering how much he (Clinton) was responsible for raising the earths temperature that night in the oval room while he was doing the "Cigar Insertion Thingy" Im sure it was warm in there! (The Oval Room, not the other thingy)

As Hillary Billy has often said..."It takes an idiot to molest a child" Ooops I meant, "It takes a child to "raise" an idiot" Er ahhh...oh nevermind....

And now the weather from Hell!

Tropical Storm Alberto was less than expected and all the idiots are cheering that the weather was less than expected...Its amazing how people can cheer over bad news thats less than they expected....Hey you clowns...start hoarding your gasoline, plywood, water and start practicing your bad manners and mean survival tactics and whining...

There are now three more tropical waves brewing in the Atlantic, and they are sure to visit Florida (the land called hell)very soon. The weather bureau says they are unlikely to visit south Florida with much impact, but im not buying any of it...in fact, as internet gambling sights begin gearing up for the latest craze in online betting...a new interest on hurricane betting has caught on and Im laying all bets on the eventuality of a major storm to hit Florida before July 4. Im willing to go 3-1 on Broward or Dade County getting clobbered before July 5.

More Stupid News:

Patrick Kennedy is in the news. Son of famous skilled driver Ted Kennedy, son Patrick appeared in court today for a driving infraction he committed last year by crashing his car, on his way to vote as a U.S. Congressman while under the influence of controlled substances. He was reluctantly sentenced to some minor public service duty and was excused without any further criminal record. Thanks dad for teaching me how to drive!

Rumor has it that dad Ted is going to begin swimming lessons for son Pat in case he has occasion to bring a date home over a bridge in the future....If only Jack coulda spent more time teaching John John to fly...


In closing, some stupid foreigners beat some other stupid foreigners in that pathetic sissy game of soccer and surprisingly the crowds havent yet gone bezerk and killed each other en mass as they usually do, which would have been better than them all dying a slow death from Ebola or TB anyway....

Take hope...Tsunami season begins soon!

My prediction is that the Heat will lose and fall out of grace with the fairweather friends of Miami as quickly as they got there...and Miami and the Heat will deserve the humiliation...Miami sucks!

Good night and good riddance America!


Blogger Mikey Moe Hawk said...

First off, let me be the first to welcome you, Doc Hormone, back from the outreaches of the USA near the waste coast (within scudding distance). Mermaids should be kept in aquariums where they belong. Much time has passed since Darryll Hannah has created any erections in men and I'm surprised that she didn't fall out of the walnut tree. Yes, Doc, let HER buy the land to save it...that's the problem with all these Hollywood Types (i.e. George Clooney)...they have the power to change with their pocketbooks, but choose not to in order to make a point. Money talks, bullshit walks so take your Hollywood bullshit and walk right over a cliff. Now...hurricane season once again. I noticed that Alberto is increasing in VELOCITY OUTLET and is expected to reach a 5. I've always said, look out for Alberto VO5 because that shit will kill you. Miami's mayor's last name is NIPPLE? Wow...no wonder all the Cubans want to live there. Another Kennedy in the news...here...let me pull the trigger for you! Either way you see it, I'm glad you are back online, Doc. Got it? GET IT!!!

6/14/2006 08:30:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doc, you are idiot. You are a living example of why some people should be forced sterilized. You got shit for brains and the morals of Saddam Hussein. Fuck you, man. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

6/22/2006 06:47:00 PM  
Blogger greg hormone said...

Doc, you are idiot. You are a living example of why some people should be forced sterilized. You got shit for brains and the morals of Saddam Hussein. Fuck you, man. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

6/22/2006 06:47:17 PM

Oh how fuckin peachy! After a full day of re-installing a new hard drive, and all my software in my computer after my old one crashed, I get the delighful dialogue of a turd brained 3rd world idiot who cant even construct a fuckin sentence without dropping pronouns,verbs, and prepositions from sentences.

For your monthly lesson in English (you stupid fuck) it's "AN" You are "AN" idiot! And it's "should be forced to "BE" sterilized!"

If I wasnt so tired tonight from putting up with people like you and your cousins who should have never been borne alive in the first place, I would spar with you. As it is, you arent worthy of a dialogue with the likes of me you pathetic stupid fuck.

Did your mommy forget to wipe your shit stained ass for you today? Is that why you are whining?

What part of my latest blog did you get your pussy-assed feelings hurt from?

Let me guess...The part where I make fun of mermaids...tree hugging cunts who have lots of money and no life?

Noooo...wait, your'e Joe Arrolo's gay lover and cant take it when someone punks your punk!

Listen you little cocksucker, if you had any balls, you would sign in with an identity, but then yours is not worth having anyway.

In a way, you are correct, I am like Saddam hussein in that if I could find you, I would have my hired goons lopp off your head and mount it on a stick.

You are a living example of why many people have actually been sterilized.

I dare you to post again ya chicken assed little fuck! (no offense)

Check in with me tomorrow for your next spelling lesson jackoff!

Meanwhile...fuck off and die!

6/23/2006 01:40:00 AM  

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