Wednesday, May 31, 2006

White Fang Steals The Show...

Bad dog!

Bad Dog White Fang!

Like the common criminal that he is, White Fang has stolen the keys to Doctor Hormone's everything! Cars, house, Office, and safe...He is holding me hostage and will not relenquish the keys unless I permit him to release his new music video on White Mud's web site at Vidiot TV!

Bad Bad Bad dog! What else can I do, but to let White Fang Cut Loose?

I apologize for the invasion on our most cultured website with this rude attack on our scene! White Mud is shocked and astounded that this could happen to us! We would never (except for a few times) even consider invading someones web site to take over and assume command of their scene!

But White Fang...Bad Dog of the 60's has made his move and we are rendered helpless!

Be it as it is White Fang's new Vidiot TV episode #6 #7 in a series....

We apologize for loosing control of the situation but the administrators of this web site are working furiously on a plan to regain control!

Bad Dog White Fang! Bad Dog! Sit! Sit White Fang!

Is there no mercy?


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