Thursday, December 22, 2005

Coconuts 2005

Sister Janeen has finally found her mission in life...To deliver living coconuts to every living person on the planet via the U.S. Mail....

Its a remarkable thing when someone finds their sacred mission in life...some try to cure cancer or pretend to try while spending millions of $$$ in trust money pretending to find the cure for cancer....

Some do concerts of music and others save souls from their own sardonic worthlessness who would otherwise simply rot in their own feces.

Others find a way to survive by peddling natural garbage, tree grown trash that would otherwise cost $$$ to clean up. But Then sister Janeen has found a way to charge the city of Key West Fla, a fee to clean up thier trash and sell it for a profit to the sucker tourists who visit Florida.

Double Dipper Janeen....picking up coconuts, and selling them for say $ 20-30 each, with a quick coat of paint and some feathers!

There is a divine sweetness about peddling coconut shells. Imagine the sense of currency....coconuts dropping all around, and you simply see $$$ whenever one drops....

Then there is the life force of the coconuts! Visit now the Gallery!....

While many simply wait in line to receive a free trailer to live in courtesy of FEMA, my brave sister is willing to work her way to prosperity by proudly selling this profound art work of the times... a bold statement about living in the madness of the times....

These are develish times, and only the artistic talents of Sister Janeen could depict the trying times we live in through the eyes of a satanic coconut!

Jimi would be proud to know that his "Cow Sounds" from Third Stone From the Sun were not lost on humanity....No, here in Coconut-land all is well and you can still wave your plastic finger at humanity via this fine art relic...

These and many other divine works of art are borne out of a sense of 60's rebellion....And it has become a business....As P.T. Barnum once said...

"There is a Sucker Borne Every Minute!"

More on this to come....Visit Sister Janeen in Key West, where she is mass producing these Urban Art Phenomenon as fast as she can find local Conch Rats to help her paint them and bring them to lifes surreal canvas!

As Eileen Barton once sang in the 50's "Im Goin Poooo-Co Loco in the Coco...."


Blogger Martin said...

Wow. Very cool Janeen! Do you have a website with an affiliate program? I might want to sign up to sell some of these.

BTW, very nice pics of you and the coconuts, where's the "sex kitten" ones that Hormone promised us if we wrote nice things about your coconuts all over the web? (

This is really a cool thing (seriously), you should try to sell them on the internet. Maybe you could also sell some of Cody's gift basket's too.

Sir Martin of White Mud

12/23/2005 09:16:00 AM  
Blogger zsa zsa's coconuts said...

I am getting there and believe this, coconuts and cowboys w/ Indians are all becoming trendy now. This is bigger than we thought. And if it wasn't for big women and love of Rasta well who knows where this is all going. Martin, this is providence and I will share my new wealth

12/26/2005 10:49:00 PM  
Blogger Mikey Moe Hawk said...

Can Zsa Zsa do a "Mikey Moe Hawk Coconut Head?" I might be interested in one of those...but are these legitimate coconuts or those falsies that the Cubans have been trying to pawn off? Also, if I was to purchase one and have it shipped to The Mitten State, would I have to worry about insects, prices or hurricanes that may travel with these fine, fine coconut heads? You'll have to get a photo of me from your brother and see if you can duplicate the handsome look of Mikey Moe Hawk to a coconut. Then, all the hot babes will want one too and your business will take off like a trailer park during August in it? GET IT!!!

12/27/2005 06:26:00 PM  
Blogger edwilliams0119 said...

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1/02/2006 01:21:00 PM  
Blogger greg hormone said...

Well Ed or should I call you... Juicy Frut?

I am delighted that you found my blog "Inquisitive"...that would presume that you have some questions...

I am willing to take a polygraph test to prove that we didnt steal any coconuts from a state or national park...

Cody is also willing to test to prove that he never shat any gold bullions in a state or national park. In fact, Cody has never left the back yard except for some casual "Collie Fucking" for a few minutes with the girl next door.

He didnt even enjoy it...he's neutered and I think he might be gay...He eats the cat shit when no one is looking.

If he wasnt a Million Dollar Baby, I would probably feed him some of that rotten meat that the clown you busted for dumping, during your Ranger duties in the park.

I have some inquiries of my own about your career, busting rotten meat dumpers and boozing teenagers, and honeymooners fucking in the park.

I wanted to be a Ranger for a while as a child but somehow, watching the Ranger continually busting Yogi and Boo Boo while they struggled to survive by conning visitors at the park for a few handouts, soured my opinion of the ranger service.

I was actually a squirrel in a previous life and I for one loved the smell of rotten meat in a plastic bag. Im not sure that the guy you busted in the van was a bad guy...He too may have been a squirrel once.

The only thing that ever smelled better than rotten meat to me, was this girl I dated named Denise who had a chronic yeast infection. That was 6th grade but I still remember it fondly!

I have a dog that shits golden pellets. Do you have any hobbies?

If I give up heroin and molesting my cat, could I possibly become a Park Ranger too or are those things a requirement to become a Ranger?

Do they keep track of the mileage on those Ranger trucks you guys get to drive around in the woods? I was thinking that if I became a Park Ranger, I would like to drive an official Ranger Jeep from Alaska to Florida, and chew Juicy Frut Gum all day while I bust bears, and club seals and shit. Would they let me do that if I joined the force?

Do you like coconuts? Whats your favorite cartoon?

Finally, what the hell ever happened to Beechnut Gum? That was my favorite!

In closing, please respond to me here at the blog, so others can enjoy our dialogue.

1/03/2006 12:25:00 AM  

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