Saturday, October 15, 2005

Bell South needs an ass kicking

Without boring the living hell out of you who are customers of BellSouth telephone services, with yet another sad story about these lying greedy theives, I only want to encourage you all to steal and sabotague their efforts in any way you can.

Bellsouth is a very powerful American Corporation, with lobbyists and attorneys that insulate them from having to be honest about their business practices. They have operated as an illegal monopoly for over 50 years. They steal and lie from every customer on their account list.

Trying to enroll the Florida Public Service Comission to solve your problems is like hiring the Mafia to stop extortion....The Florida Public Service Commission are a government organization that has been bought and paid for by the crooks that run Florida's Congress. The PSC is an organization that has been bought and paid for by the very utilities that they profess to govern.

Therefore, the best way to get even with Bellsouth for all of their blatant criminal activities is to sabotague them in legal, manners....

1) File complaints daily!

Your are allowed to complain as often as you like about your service....even if it is good, I reccomend you complain daily, because it will be bad one day and all of the unneccesary complaining will one day add up to the work you will have to do to solve a real problem....

I like to call it advanced, or credit "bitching!"

File complaints with the Florida PSC as often as you can, because even if they are not justified, they will be one day very soon. These worthless clowns who are basically owned by the Utility companies (Bellsouth) have a responsibility which is cloaked behind a wall of political protection to keep the consumer from any real level of satisfaction.

2) Bitch to the Governor!

Remind the governor of Florida that you will vote his ass out of office if he doesnt attend to your complaints! I dont give a rats ass who the governor is.....make him earn his keep!

3) Steal from and fuck with Bellsouth!

Im not sure how to do this, even if I did know exactly how, I probably couldn't tell you how to do this, without incriminating myself....but if you can steal their tools, their trucks, their service, and sabotague their equipment! They deserve it! They lie cheat and steal from their customers all day long.

My dream is that some shark who knows how to hack their computers, goes in one day and blows out their entire their accounts receivable data base is gone!

Bellsouth is public enemy #1!

And the Government of Florida licks the balls of their corporate Fuckwads on a daily basis!

This utility operates as a monopoly and this is a crime! But these days crimes are tolerated by the crooks who run the country and so we must operate as gorillas....

Fuck with Bellsouth whenever you can, whenever you feel safe....

We are the customers of a pig company with no manners, no efficincy, and no regard for the welfare of those serve! They are not just sloppy, they are the enemy!

Fuck Bellsouth! Smash them in the mouth! Copy this to all of your friends who are also angry fucked over customers of these theives and lets start a war!

I need not explain the circumstances of my plight...those of you who are enemies of this illegal monopoly know why I would write this,.....pass it on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for someone else who agrees as passionately as as I do. They are evil and tried to cheat me out of hundreds of dollars. I suggest everyone cancels their service and resorts to another company or just cell phones! Anything is better than dealing with hours spent on the phone talking to incompetent people getting paid minimum wage.

11/20/2005 04:01:00 PM  

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