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New item star Doctor Hormone now has his own daily newspaper! Doctor Hormone's blog


Until today, Doctor Greg Hormone was lost in the soup so to speak...only a lone voice on his own island...but now, thanks to the miracle of modern technology, and a special thanks to the beloved Doctor Martin Preece, (White Mud's technical computer science genius) I will be publishing my own almost daily web blog news site! 

This is great news for those of you fans of Doctor Greg... Now you can click on this site daily... I recommend you save it as a favorite spot as if it were a replacement for your daily newspaper! It will replace and surpass the drek you would otherwise read in your daily paper...and its free!

Through the miracle of modern technology, web blogs are replacing traditional newspapers with their sponsor driven bullshit news stories and fabricated, opinioned, masturbated vomit. Now you can read the letters to the editors you've always enjoyed without having to read the editor's horseshit in the first place! Finally, the "People" have a forum to get even with the pigs that have dominated the media for years with their fabricated synthetic jism. Some men cant even "come" without faking it." What's The Frequency Kenneth?" Furthermore, we can use dirty words on our news program! Neat eh? 

Check in from time to time. We will cover a lot of dark news...with an even darker slant. Updates on everything from suing unscrupulous Pharmaceutical Companies, to just good old fashioned fun making of people I don't like! Eventually we will eliminate the "Pisses Me Off" page from this web and just move the anger to a new spot. 

By the way, you can mouth off back at me if you agree or not...on the comments page! Beware though, If I don't  like your comments or you in general, watch out! that's what happens when you piss off a News Journalist with his own show!

Go now! Go read! Go see! Go look! Run Spot run! See Dick! See Jane! See Dick Spot Jane! See Spot Dick Jane! Go! Run! Run Dick run!...

 New updates As of November 26,  2004:

New Additions to the White Mud Photo Gallery

White Mud Mascot Concert Video

White Mud Blues Band Is Alive and Well! Visit The New Website!

Martin Preece is our web master and ambassador for the new White Mud Blues Band website see him in action!

  The latest report on the White Mud Reunion at the White Mud Blog!  

  The Leach Story! now with audio clip of a Virtual Leaching! 

  Updated Hyperlinks on the Public Service Page including The Vondy Web hyperlink! 

Updated page for Justin and Brie


My good friend Sir Martin has a beautifully blooming business at building and designing websites and optimizing web presence...

For all of his incredible thankless help at managing my site here at www.doctorhormone.com and at www.whitemud.us and at http://whitemud.suddenlaunch3.com/ as well as all of his other work, we applaud you Sir Martin! But folks, you must go to his own website to appreciate his talents!

This may appear to be a selfish promotion, and so what! It is well deserved! Go Check Sir Martins own professional site now! I reccomend him for any web related work you may have! He is a genius!

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Greg in his Mack truck on the streets in 1950! Life glows on in it's many separate ways.
in which many reside, and the lonely abide,
But only the lonely confide...in today..,
While yester year may seem so dear,
Now that it's not here, what are we trying
to hide?...I must say that it's true, that I long 
to visit the zoo! Remember the years when life
was so dear cause we always had nothing to do.

Life goals on in many stages
to continue takes constant courages.
Like honey it's sweet but out on the street
It draws flies as it ages.
"Overy Clown has a Silver Lifeboat"

Life gloans on in sort of a golden hue, 
As it moves it leaves a residue. Of memories
of me and them and you. Some of the grains
of life are blue, but always sometimes, life                                           
is true...(at least in my book it is)                                                        

life globs out like glue, always                                                                 
an extra drop or two! And when it                                                                                        
dries, you try and try, but the cap
will not rescrew! It's also a lot
like skin. Without it there's nothing
within. Suddenly, everyone was struck and killed by an old yellow Mac Truck!

Amen # 48065394-A.

written by Dr. Greg Hormone 3/11/76